Caesars Legion for SAGA

Why not try Saga around 200 B.C. – 200 A.D.?

The basic idea for a warband in this time were the plastic boxes by Warlord Games for Hail Caesar, the Caesar’s Legions to be precise. As this range currently receives a lot of love, last but not least due to the latest Hail Caesar Supplemet Age of Caesar, it was a good time to pick this idea up again.

Warlord Games - Caesar's Legion Warlord Games - Caesar's Legion


Empires in Flames

After exploring Europe in the beginning and the end, from east to west, covering tank battles, the next supplement for Bolt Action focusses on the pacific and far east, with Empires in Flames.

Bolt Action - Empire in Flames



This year, Osprey Games had a surprising release of Frostgrave, a fantasy skirmish in a frozen city. The release of a wargaming rule set, is nothing new for Osprey, so why is this one so popular?



Grenadiers and SCW

I subscribed to the the Wargames Illustrated digital, as their latest deal is just to good to pass it. A full year of WI issues and a Warlord Games plastic box in a bundle for 60 euros. I went for the brand new German Grenadier box (review to follow).

Bolt Action - German Grenadiers Bolt Action - German Grenadiers Bolt Action - German Grenadiers


Tanks and Books

A small update, i used the current week to build a few tanks that arrived at the 'bunker. I bought the Alex Drawer Unit from Ikea a few weeks ago, perfect storage for miniatures. I got a drawer on its own just for vehicles. Quite a collection i gathered in the meantime for my american, british and german armies.

Tank Drawer


Final spurt of may

Another weekend started and i want to share the new arrivals at the chaosbunker.

Dystopian Legoins - Battlefield Objectives Dystopian Legoins - Battlefield Objectives