Salute 2017 haul

On April 22nd, was the Salute 2017 held by the South London Warlords. Salute is the biggest independent one-day wargaming and gaming event in the UK and likely in Europe. I visited the show last year in 2016, had a great time, as you can see here in the Parts I - IV of my coverage (Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV).

This year, due to time issues, I couldn't be there myself, but a good friend of mine, living in Cambridge, was kind enough to bring along a few items for myself and even kinder to drop by the next day (24h express wargaming goodies delivery... so great 😀 ).

Salute 2017 - Haul

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Maelstrom’s Edge Epirian Handler

This short review of Maelstrom's Edge Epirian Handlers is a bit spontaneous, as it was part of the Salute 2016 gift bag, and i thought it might be a nice idea, to share it with you.

The game itself is a sci-fi tabletop wargame, with 20-30 miniatures per side, and offers a starter set with plastic miniatures for the Epirian and Karist factions. The starter set Battle for Zycanthus is 89 USD, and the sprue i am assembling in this article is 7,49 USD for 2 miniatures.

Maelstrom's Edge Epirian Handler


Salute 2016 haul

So I've completed my four part coverage on the Salute, and here is my personal conclusion and "haul" from the event.

The South London Warlords put a lot of effort into the "Swag bag" and the show in general. So along with the ticket, you receive the limited miniature by Westwind Miniatures and a few freebies, in this case a sprue from Maelstrom's Edge. At the info desk you could stock up on older event stock, like badges, t-shirts, dice and miniatures. I used the chance, got last years miniature by the perrys, the D-Day anniversary shirt, along with older events dice and badges.

Salute 2016 Salute 2016


Salute 2016 – Part IV

A special highlight for the last part. What kind of a show would it be, without the Perrys? They were there themself, with a wide stand only covering their plastic sets (Dave Thomas takes care of their blisters at show - who was at Salute as well). The novelties were anglo-centric with the Cape Frontier Wars.

Salute 2016 - Perry Miniatures Salute 2016 - Perry Miniatures

Right next to the Perrys were Renedra, who take care of the production of plastic kits for half the wargaming business. It was great meeting the family behind the company, so lovely people. They showed the new castle / tower kit, and it was selling like hotcakes. No wonder for me, look how impressive it is.

Salute 2016 - Renedra Ltd Salute 2016 - Renedra Ltd


Salute 2016 – Part III

Among the most prominent wargaming companies is Mantic for sure. The colourful stand was crowded and the deadzone table caught my eye. And then there was this enormous Kings of War battle going on - it was so incredibly huge. Simply insane.

Salute 2016 - Mantic Games Salute 2016 - Mantic Games Salute 2016 - Mantic Games

South London Warlords - Salute 2016 South London Warlords - Salute 2016 South London Warlords - Salute 2016


Salute 2016 – Part II

After the introduction on Salute, welcome back on Part Two on Tuesday.

As Salute is an international event, there are companies from all over the world and of course from Germany as well. The well known Pirates from Freebooter Miniatures participated once again at the Salute. And of course, no show without some nifty releases - bringing small ships and boats to Freebooters Fate, individually and as a special bundle offer.

Salute 2016 - Freebooter Miniatures Salute 2016 - Freebooter Miniatures Salute 2016 - Freebooter Miniatures Salute 2016 - Freebooter Miniatures Salute 2016 - Freebooter Miniatures


Salute 2016 – Part I

Saturday, April 16th, a very early morning, i grabbed my flight to London, got on the plane, jumped into the rental after landing and headed for ExCeL London.

At 08:30 in the morning, a solid 1,5 hours prior to opening, there was already a solid queue and quickly, just after 09:00 the queue doubled.

South London Warlords - Salute 2016 South London Warlords - Salute 2016 South London Warlords - Salute 2016


Salute Teaser & Preview

Just booked my flights for Salute. April 16th it is, at ExCel exhibition hall in London. So pack your bags, grab your pounds and get ready to spend some of that quids on plastic, resin and lead.

Salute 2016

I will bring my dslr and cover the show for you, but beforehand a few teasers and previews on what we can expect and what i am already excited about.



After a cheer endless wait and a major mess up by the post (somehow losing 2 packages on their way to me ...), friday was finally post day and some good stuff arrived.