Technik-Museum Speyer

Two weeks ago, i had a work-related journey to the Technik-Museum in Speyer, Rhineland Palatine.

Technik-Museum Speyer 2016


KV2 finished, KV1 and Panther M10 in progress

The captured KV2 / PzKpfw 754(r) is finished. I did final touches on the armour, and finished the tracks. After painting the colours, drybrush and wash, i added homemade mud-paste and model gras.

Bolt Action - Captured KV-2 PzKpfw 754(r) Bolt Action - Captured KV-2 PzKpfw 754(r) Bolt Action - Captured KV-2 PzKpfw 754(r)


And more Tanks for Bolt Action

The assembly of the tanks, tankettes and armoured vehicles continues. Beginning with the BA-6, that will be part of my spanish carlist army for Bolt Action. The tires were quite tricky to build and some of the smaller parts were rather difficult to add to the resin body (to small to pin, to fiddly to glue properly).

Warlord Games - BA-6 Warlord Games - BA-6


Bolt Action Tanks

As i am browsing through the boxes of my collection while cleaning and sorting out what i want to sell, i stumble upon half-assembled kits and / or things that i misplaced - but totally happy about finding them again. So i used some of the spare time in the last few weeks to - at least - assemble some of the kits.

Many of those are tanks or armoured vehicles from world war I, interwar or world war II peroids. And you really notice if you have a newer or older kit on your hands. That Ferdinand for example is one great cast and really detailled, no comparison to the BA-6 in the other picture. Both from Warlord Games.

Tank Builds Tank Builds


Lead is very important

Everything is changing. Gone are the days of armies mostly made from metal and resin. Due to companies like the Perrys, Warlord Games or Gripping Beast plastic has arrived in historical wargaming as well, and it doesn't stop at puny little foot soldiers. Nowadays you even get 28mm and 15mm vehicles made from plastic and along with this, comes a phenomena that already bothers me with the infantry - the weight. Plastic gives you a lot of miniatures for small money - usually. But due to the lack of weigh, there is something missing. They somehow feel less worthy / valuable and can be pain to play with in some gaming situation (a.e. hills).

With infantry you can trick around, using washers or excessive base designs to weigh them down. But with vehicle kits it is a bit different. I stumbled around this idea in model kit forums, as they tend to use fishing lead to weigh their kits. Fishing lead is round-ish, usually comes in small portions and for some reason may be difficult to acquire due to that whole lead may be poison stuff. So i found something different, balancing weights for wheels. The whole box with 6 kg of self-adhesive 5g pieces just cost 20 euros. Bargain!

Tank Weights


Tanks and Books

A small update, i used the current week to build a few tanks that arrived at the 'bunker. I bought the Alex Drawer Unit from Ikea a few weeks ago, perfect storage for miniatures. I got a drawer on its own just for vehicles. Quite a collection i gathered in the meantime for my american, british and german armies.

Tank Drawer


Star Wars, Bolt Thrower and Spiel

A big update, date wise, a view back on more than 4 weeks of activity.

I did a bit of house sitting and beside of binge watching a couple of tv series, i did some painting with the Vallejo Black Uniform Set from AK Interactive. Strong PIP.

StarWars PIP Color Pack


Tank month

It took a few weeks but my order at Ainsty Castings arrived. I bought a couple of items, some monuments that will be perfect for almost every setting. A raft, that will a nice addendum for the German Marines i painted earlier, and for some Spec-Op Missions (Commandos etc.). The riverboat was a bargain, and is a nice piece of terrain and will be used for boarding and river settings. And the last part ... a tardis. Eventhough i am not a Dr. Who Fan (i think its just weird), but hey a tardis, ... why not?

Ainsty Casting


Organisation of Tanks

I took the time to tinker around the use of my grown motor pool of tanks for Bolt Action and their usage to certain lists. This is now needed, to prepare the right color scheme.

For that, I prepared a division of the miniatures into certain themed lists, as you see below.


Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung Koblenz Pt I

This weekend was the "Long Night of Museums 2013" and i took the camera with me on my trip through the city.

Wehrtechnische Studiensammlung 2013