Micro Art Studios Brick Walls

Micro Art Studio has widened their range of mostly bases and licensed Infinity terrain to more "franchises" and settings. Some of them belong to Wolsung or grim dark sci-fi settings, others are for historical games. I did show you some items from the generic / historical settings in reviews, like the foam hills or fuel depot, and I'd like to add the brick wall set to it.

Micro Art Studio - Brick Walls


Pegasus Hobbies Russian Houses 7703 + 7704

Pegasus Hobbies is an American model kit company that offers quite a broad selection of kits in different scales. Some of them are marketed as 1/72 scale, others as 28mm. For this unboxing and build review I bought these kits a while back online. They are called the Russian Houses 7703 and 7704, and come with a single larger house or two medium sized houses.

Pegasus Hobby - Russian Houses


Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire

Just before the next edition of Age of Sigmar will be released, I want to take a closer look in this review on one of the "introduction" games to the Warhammer World, Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire.

Games Workshop - Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire Games Workshop - Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire

Games Workshop released Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire last year in 2017, as a tactical miniature board game, at a lower entry point, much smaller in size and number of miniatures as for example Warhammer Quest: Silvertower. Shadespire is played in an ancient and damned city, between the realms of Light and Shadow, in the new post-Old World Warhammer Setting, as an "arena game" using two hex field boards with matches taking around 30-45 minutes. Everything you need for your games is included, with the push fit (means no glue needed) pre-colored plastic models and you only need a cutter to prepare the game.


New category: Little Big Adventures

Dear readers,

In future I'll cover on the chaosbunker under the category Little Big Adventures, a new and additional topic: having kids.

Adidas ZX Flux 43 + 19

2017 was an eventful year with lots of changes and special moments. We were (from our point of view) on the other side of the globe, in New Zealand, which I covered in a few articles on here. Towards the end of last year, we had our civil wedding, within a small circle of people, and in summer our small family will become a little bit bigger, as we're expecting a baby daughter, (from what I've learned from Instagram I now have to add the hashtags #teamrosa and #happygirlhappydaddy at this point).


Rubicon Models British CMP 15cwt Truck

In addition to the Northern Africa campaign week in November, I want to cover the British CMP 15cwt Truck by Rubicon Models in a review today.

Rubicon Models - British CMP 15cwt Truck Rubicon Models - British CMP 15cwt Truck

The CMP stands for canadian military pattern. This truck was build in Canada and used by armies of the British Commonwealth and even sent to the Soviet Union after Operation Barbarossa. Due to this, it saw action on theatres of war all over the world, from the North African Campaign, Italy, Burma and even after the second World War in Indonesia, Indochina and portuguese colonies in Africa. In Australian service (almost always with the No. 13 cab as supplied with this kit), the CMP was known as "Chev Blitz" or "Ford Blitz".


Warlord Games Stone Bridge

Before the Coastal Defense by Warlord Games is released in the next month, I'd like to present the Stone Bridge in this review. It is part of the cooperation of Warlord Games and Italeri and added to the Bolt Action plastic terrain range.

Warlord Games - Stone Bridge Warlord Games - Stone Bridge

Warlord Games sets the price tag at 15 GBP / 16,95 EUR.


Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Etheric Vortex Gloomtide Shipwreck

As part of the release of the Idoneth Deepkin, Games Workshop presents a new scenery item, the Etheric Vortex Gloomtide Shipwreck. This goes along with the new idea, to pair a matching terrain piece for each of the Age of Sigmar factions. In this review I'd like to share with you my experience on unboxing and building the Gloomtide Shipwreck.

The Gloomtide Shipwreck comes in a medium sized box, that is similar to the one used for other terrain kits, like the Ryza Pattern Ruins or Azyrite Ruins. It is priced at 25 GBP / 32.50 EUR / 40 USD.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Etheric Vortex Gloomtide Shipwreck Warhammer Age of Sigmar - Etheric Vortex Gloomtide Shipwreck


General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) / DSGVO

Hello everybody,

on May 25th 2018 the new general data protection regulation (GDPR / DSGVO) will come into force. What does this mean? Well, it is a regulation to ensure the safety of personal data, your personal data. What has this to do with chaosbunker and why do I cover this topic on here? Due to the activity on this blog and the contents provided, these regulations have to be met by me and my blog as well.

What data does the chaosbunker gather? Beside the regular IP logs a host generates of data retrieval, there is not much the blog actually gathers on the visitor. WordPress, the blog software chaosbunker uses, sets a cookie that stores a bit of information, for example if you use the german or english version of this page and the next time you visit chaosbunker, your prefered language is loaded. Beyond that, what data is collected? Well, the regular WordPress stats, I can see how often articles are read, which are more popular than others, and a very basic reference (how visitors came here by Google search, social media or boards, etc.) without any actual personal information who the visitors actually are. But that's it, nothing more than that.

Further than that, I updated and modified this WordPress installation so that not more data is gathered than actually is needed. For example, the facebook widget in the lower right corner was removed, as this would forward your information to Facebook. This does not really comply with the idea of the GDPR, so I ditched that one. There are two facebook buttons on the upper right, so if you want to follow / visit me on facebook, please follow that link and leave me a like.

Wordpress Facebook Widget

Usually comments save the IP of the person who wrote the comment. That one was taken care as well, the IP is briefly checked by our spam protection and deleted right afterwards. All of the old IP information was replaced with a generic IP as well. All information in the comments is voluntary and if you'd like a former comment to be deleted, please get in touch with me. The contact details are in the imprint.

As with Youtube, I took care of all the embedded videos (roughly a dozend) that have been posted here over the last decade and updated them to the data protected version. So no information is transmitted to Youtube unless you actually watch the video.

And as a further upgrade, the chaosbunker is now SSL encrypted, so the data that is transmitted is encrypted. You can see that, by the green lock next to the URL in your browser. How about that?

You see, I take this task seriously and try to comply with the requirements accordingly. Thank you for your attention, have a pleasant stay on this blog.

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Visit at the Duke of Bavaria

While Dennis went to visit such boring stuff as the Salute, Warlord, Mantic or Games Workshop last month, I went to visit the Duke of Bavaria painting competition for the first time.
The competition takes place every year and is held in the Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt, Germany. A visit is definitely worth it, as Ingolstadt provides a nice atmosphere at this time of the year.

Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018 Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018 Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018

At the painting competition itself there were all kinds of high-quality models, dioramas and busts to see. I have to mention that you won`t see many of the products from the aforementioned companies, so you can marvel at contributions that you would otherwise not notice if you don`t take a look outside the box too often. The level was very high throughout the whole contributions, even among the newcomers. Below I’ll show a few of my personal highlights, like these busts here:

Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018 Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018 Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018


Warlord Games HQ Store & Studio 2018

After visiting Mantic Games, we went to Warlord Games, to take a look at their new HQ store. Warlord has been located at since the very beginning. Back when they only had a few offices, spread all over the complex, nowadays the have entire wings of the centre to their name. They held their first Warlord Games Day in 2013 there as well.

As the studio and production facilities are only open to the public during their open days or special occasions, the store is a new addition that is open daily from 11 am to 5 pm, with the exception of gaming thurday til 8:30 pm and sunday til 4 pm.

Warlord Games - HQ Store & Studio Warlord Games - HQ Store & Studio

Connor is the one in charge of the store and master of the several gaming tables within it. You can have a match of any of Warlord Games system at the store with a pal or get a introduction game. They even have the Pegasus Bridge set up at the store.

Warlord Games - HQ Store & Studio Warlord Games - HQ Store & Studio