Rubicon Models Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer

You can't talk about the 38(t) series without mentioning the Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer, and that is why today I cover the kit by Rubicon Models in this review.

Rubicon Models - Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer Rubicon Models - Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer

As the tank destroyers Marder based upon the Panzer 38(t) were more of an industrialized "field conversion" using captured anti-tank guns and later regular PaKs, a properly designed light tank destroyer was needed. Introduced as the Sd.Kfz. 138/2 Jagdpanzer 38(t), this tank was produced from April 1944 until the end of the war, along the heavier Jagdpanther and Jagdtiger variants. The name "Hetzer" is undocumented and it is unclear, were it actually came from and it is highly discussed if the tank even was called that during the war. Hetzer comes from the German verb "hetzen", meaning hounding or rushing somebody or something.


Rubicon Models British CMP 15cwt Truck

In addition to the Northern Africa campaign week in November, I want to cover the British CMP 15cwt Truck by Rubicon Models in a review today.

Rubicon Models - British CMP 15cwt Truck Rubicon Models - British CMP 15cwt Truck

The CMP stands for canadian military pattern. This truck was build in Canada and used by armies of the British Commonwealth and even sent to the Soviet Union after Operation Barbarossa. Due to this, it saw action on theatres of war all over the world, from the North African Campaign, Italy, Burma and even after the second World War in Indonesia, Indochina and portuguese colonies in Africa. In Australian service (almost always with the No. 13 cab as supplied with this kit), the CMP was known as "Chev Blitz" or "Ford Blitz".


Perry Miniatures AEC ‘Dorchester’ Armoured Command Vehicle

Fresh from the molds, the AEC Command Vehicle by Perry Miniatures, directly covered as a review as part of the Africa themed week.

Perry Miniatures - AEC Dorchester

The AEC 4x4 Command Vehicle was the most common ACV (armoured command vehicle) of the British Army. It was based upon the AEC Matador chassis (although available by the Perrys as code WR W47), as the British used to develop and employ purpose-built armoured trucks and busses as command vehicles.


Rubicon Models – StuG III Ausf. G

After covering the Maus and some Sci-Fi reviews, it is time to come back to "regular" tanks, like the StuG III. I covered the Warlord / Italeri one last november, and now I want to share the counterpart by Rubicon Models.

Rubicons Models - StuG III Ausf. G Rubicons Models - StuG III Ausf. G


Crooked Dice Danger 5 for 7TV

Crooked Dice is currently publishing their 2nd edition of 7TV, a skirmish set up in cult tv shows. As such, a title like Danger 5 is way to interesting to say no, so the game design studio set up a themed box with matching miniatures and rules.

Crooked Dice - Danger 5 for 7TV Crooked Dice - Danger 5 for 7TV


Rubicon A15 Crusader

Part of the Third Quarter 2015 releases is the A15 Crusader, including 6 different variants from Mk I to MK III, as well as the AA and CS versions.

Rubicon Models - Cruiser Tank A15 Crusader Rubicon Models - Cruiser Tank A15 Crusader


Roundhouse paint

On Tuesday there was a live-ticker on Brueckenkopf, for which i gathered a couple of running projects to continue. A short overview, what we are talking about. A uber-large Woman sculpted by Werner Klocke for Reaper, a paint in progress Hetzer, the White Dead from Warlord Games and two survivors from Hasslefree.



Masking Tape and Flakes Again

I used the weekend inhouse, due to bad weather and hay fever, and did some further painting on the tanks. The Vallejo Dunkelgelb tends to be a bit to dark, even for dark yellow. So i gave the tanks a new coat of the dunkelgelb but with a few drops of Pegasus Leinenweiss. Beside that i wasn't that happy with the first camo try.

Bolt Action - Deutsche Panzer