Blood Bowl in the Empire

Picking up Dino's Idea on the Blood Bowl team names, I did a bit of fluff crafting with a short list of team names below, that make sense - at least for me - from a Empire fluff point of view.

We're going through the provinces of the Empire, bit by bit.

Averland Avengers. As the capital city of the province was destroyed in the "Last Days", a Blood Bowl team trying to avenge that past seems logical. Colours are yellow and black.

BC Reikland Carroburg (The Reds) and BBS 1865 Carroburg (The Blues). As Carroburg is an embattled city between Middenland and the Reikland, I thought of a city derby / rivalry with the reds (aligned with the Reikland) and the blues (with Middenland), the Bloodbowl Club Reikland Carroburg is the more rich and successfull one, but the Blood Bowl Society of 1865 Carroburg is the older of the two. Both teams mix their colours with a neutral white, but Reikland Carroburg tends to go with a red, white and black similar to their famous greatsword regiments.

Middenheim White Wolves. As the town of Ulric and the White Wolves this is self explaining, as well as the blue and white jerseys.

Taal Talabheim "The Stags", under the favour of the god Taal, this club has the proud stag as their coat of arms and wears at home the red and white colours of their city state, but can often be seen with natural colours for their aways jersey in green and yellow.

Arsenal Nuln. Nuln, city of guns and black powder. Arsenal Nuln, get it? They wear black / dark brown and gold as their team colours.

Mootland Roosters. This team is accepted in the human leagues of the Empire, even if they are a team of halfling. The roosters have green jerseys with white and red as contrast.

Wissenland Lions, choosing their mascot from the coat of arms of their province Wisseland, as well as the colours of grey and red.

Stirland Skeletons, with the "annection" of the former Sylvanian the undead theme is very present, for example on the armies warbanner, so the choice of a team name was not far fetched. The classic colours of the Stirland are yellow and green.

Ostland Ogres and Bohsenfels Bulls. In this province the percentage of Ogres is higher than anywhere else in the empire, so for one this is the home to a Ogre Blood Bowl team, or if you are going to play a regular human team from Ostland, you should take a look at the Bohsenfels Bulls. The colours of Ostland are black and white, often with a quartered pattern.

Ostermark Manticores, with their purple and white or purple and yellow jerseys. In Ostermark the Manticore is found on the war banners. Due to their proximity to Kislev, it would be possible for northerners to play Blood Bowl for Ostermark. (Just take the hint for conversions). Another famous team within the province are the Mordheim Comets. What would make more sense, than Comets with Mordheim? And for the colours a dark brown with bright green.

Nordland Nightmares, this team is known for a very brutal way of playing (even by Blood Bowls standards). If you're growing up next to the Drakwald forest you are used to more dangerous threats and the Nordlanders bring this terror to the pitch. They wear dark red or purple jerseys. Another Blood Bowl team from Nordland, direct from the provinces capital are the Salzenmund Seagryphons in blue and yellow.

Neighbours to Nordland, the team of Mydas Marienburg, has a local rivarly with the Salzenmund  Seagryphons and the derby is a well attended event. As a free and trader city, Marienburg is incredibly rich and shows that in every part of their culture. Even the Blood Bowl players wear colourful clothing, in red, yellow and blue, and jewelry.

The Hochland Long Rifles are famous for their pass heavy play. This team wears the green and red jerseys of their province and it is rumoured that they have dwarven engineers working on a ball blunderbuss for even longer passes.

The Lexicanum was a big help on these ideas, along with the Heirs of Sigmar supplement for the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and the Uniforms & Heraldry of the Empire book. Some information is heavily self-contradictorily, but as the Blood Bowl universe is a parallel universe to the (now destroyed) Old World, we all should be fine.

I hope these idea help you with your own projects and may the dices be in your favour. As I'm setting up my "new" franchise of a Blood Bowl league around the 3rd edition of the game, I'm deep diving into the lore, looking for team names and such, to build a fitting "framework". My human team will be the Carroburg Claymores, in crimson-red and black, but more on that later.

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