1st Puppen Shop(p)en 2018

Today was the first Puppen Shop(p)en (puppet with a word play on sale and morning pint) by the Headblast Oberhausen e.V.. Between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. the club rooms were used to chat, browse and trade, near the huge shopping mall CentrO. Of course, no event coverage without the obligatory parking lot picture!

Headblast Oberhausen - 1. Puppen Shop(p)en 2018 Headblast Oberhausen - 1. Puppen Shop(p)en 2018


Spiel 2018 Preview

This Thursday, the October 25th, Spiel starts again. It is the largest board game con in Europe. You can download the Spiel Guide for the show here for free.

Spiel 2018

It's been 3 years since the last time I've been there, and I've covered it on here, Spiel 2015 Part I, Part II and Part III.

Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15 Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15 Internationale Spieltage SPIEL'15 - Micro Art Studio


Warhammer Fest Europe 2018 – Part 2

Continuing with the coverage of Part 1 on Warhammer Fest Europe 2018, the main venue was a two story hall with a large store, covering products of the main range along with Black Library, Forge World and Warhammer World exclusives. The glass cabinets of the Golden Demon painting competition started to fill up slowly.

Warhammer Fest Europe 2018 Warhammer Fest Europe 2018 Warhammer Fest Europe 2018 Warhammer Fest Europe 2018 Warhammer Fest Europe 2018


Warhammer Fest Europe 2018 – Part 1

This weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, was the first time for Warhammer Fest Europe to open. It is a new event following in the steps of the former Games Days. Games Days in Germany were held in Cologne at the Gürzenich and the new event uses the convention area of the Maritim Hotel Düsseldorf, right next to the Düsseldorf Airport (DUS).

Warhammer Fest Europe 2018 Warhammer Fest Europe 2018 Warhammer Fest Europe 2018

Parking was not a logistical problem, as there were plenty parking lots around the Hotel and the airport area. At rates of 3,50 EUR per hour they weren't exactly cheap. But the airport brought for those who didn't travel by car a couple of benefits. The visitors were quite international, so they had an easy way to get there by plane from the UK, France, Italy or Spain (and from what our readers told me, even Australia!), and for the "locals" of North Rhine Westphalia, the state has superb local service by train and bus.


Preview to Warhammer Fest Europe 2018

With the Warhammer Fest Europe returns the former Games Day in a new form to Germany. But not like in the past events to Cologne, but to Duesseldorf.

Warhammer Fest Europe 2018

On the 18th and 19th August 2018, so the coming weekend, Warhammer Fest Europe will be held on the European mainland. The Warhammer Community page covered the Warhammer Fest UK in an extensive post over here: Warhammer Fest Live Blog.

Why am I looking forward to the Warhammer Fest? For that, we have to first take a look back to the years of 2008 'til 2010, the last times I was to Games Day Germany in the famous Guerzenich. Imagine entering the grim dark world of Warhammer in a gothic building, in the heart of the old town of Cologne.

Games Day Germany 2010 - Köln Gürzenich Games Day Germany 2010 - Köln Gürzenich Games Day Germany 2010 - Köln Gürzenich

The new venue for Warhammer Fest Europe is the Maritim Hotel in Duesseldorf, so there will be plenty of room and parking (which was kind of a problem at the Guerzenich). You could even get there by plane due to the proximity to the airport, if you wanted to. Just make sure you land at Duesseldorf Airport (DUS) and not "Duesseldorf" Weeze (NRN).


Warhammer Koblenz Store Opening Party

Today, on August 4th, was the store opening of the new Warhammer store in Koblenz, Germany. I did a preview to this event two weeks ago, A Warhammer store on my door step. The store is located quite central in the city, right next to the shopping mall Löhr Center, so you can get there quite easily by public transport, train or car. I could have gotten there by foot, back in the day when I lived in Koblenz.

Warhammer Koblenz Store Opening Party

Around 10:45 I arrived at the store and there was already quite a queue, some even had brought along their camping chairs, like on the release events of Apple or other large companies. Among the crowd were a couple of cosplayers, resembling the Imperial Guard and troops of the Inquisition. I'm sure you have seen them at events like the RolePlayConvention in Cologne or former Games Days.


Visit at the Duke of Bavaria

While Dennis went to visit such boring stuff as the Salute, Warlord, Mantic or Games Workshop last month, I went to visit the Duke of Bavaria painting competition for the first time.
The competition takes place every year and is held in the Bavarian Army Museum in Ingolstadt, Germany. A visit is definitely worth it, as Ingolstadt provides a nice atmosphere at this time of the year.

Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018 Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018 Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018

At the painting competition itself there were all kinds of high-quality models, dioramas and busts to see. I have to mention that you won`t see many of the products from the aforementioned companies, so you can marvel at contributions that you would otherwise not notice if you don`t take a look outside the box too often. The level was very high throughout the whole contributions, even among the newcomers. Below I’ll show a few of my personal highlights, like these busts here:

Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018 Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018 Herzog von Bayern / Duke of Bavaria 2018


Warlord Games HQ Store & Studio 2018

After visiting Mantic Games, we went to Warlord Games, to take a look at their new HQ store. Warlord has been located at since the very beginning. Back when they only had a few offices, spread all over the complex, nowadays the have entire wings of the centre to their name. They held their first Warlord Games Day in 2013 there as well.

As the studio and production facilities are only open to the public during their open days or special occasions, the store is a new addition that is open daily from 11 am to 5 pm, with the exception of gaming thurday til 8:30 pm and sunday til 4 pm.

Warlord Games - HQ Store & Studio Warlord Games - HQ Store & Studio

Connor is the one in charge of the store and master of the several gaming tables within it. You can have a match of any of Warlord Games system at the store with a pal or get a introduction game. They even have the Pegasus Bridge set up at the store.

Warlord Games - HQ Store & Studio Warlord Games - HQ Store & Studio


Mantic Games Studio 2018

As mentioned earlier, we combined Salute in London with a day trip to Nottingham. First stop on friday morning was Mantic Studio. As with the Warhammer World, this wasn't the first time visiting Mantic. It was quite impressive to see, how Mantic has grown over the years.

Mantic Games Studio 2018

My first visit at Mantics was 2010, back then Ronnie and his crew was located at "Mantic Towers" with roughly the space that the new front area covers. 2013, for the first Warlord Games Day, I was the second time at Mantics. They already moved to the outskirds of Nottingham then, and moved from an apartment to an independend office building with enclosed warehouse. Now Mantic has moved again, into an even larger office building, roughly twice the old building, covering a front desk with visitors area, multiple studio offices, production facilities and a warehouse.

In the front is a gaming area, with couple of tables and a front desk. Several games from the Mantic range were displayed, including the board games. On the front desk was a loose assembly of the new and upcoming terrain crates, along with announcements to the new Hellboy Kickstarter.

Mantic Games Studio 2018 Mantic Games Studio 2018 Mantic Games Studio 2018

Mantic Games Studio 2018 Mantic Games Studio 2018 Mantic Games Studio 2018


Salute 2018 Haul

The concluding post to our Operation Sealion 2018, the haul, the loot, the gathered goodies and shiny stuff made from metal, plastic and resin. If you're going by plane, make sure to have enough empty space in your luggage to cope with your buying. As mentioned before, I was quite happy about the shipping services of some of the companies (and that is the reason, why this post was postponed in comparison with the other coverage, as I was waiting for the remaining miniatures and kit to arrive).

But let's begin, this pile of boxes and blister is my yield of our trip to Nottingham and Salute. Let us begin with the main event, the Salute 2018. The South London Warlords did once again a great job with the show, and I made sure to get my hands on the 1918 memory event exclusive vignette, sculpted by Perry Miniatures. It shows a trio of Soldiers from World War one, a french, a british and a german soldier. The always have further souvenirs at their booth, so I made sure to grab two sets of dices (with a poppy on the six), a badge and a copy of last years female russian standard bearer miniature.

Salute 2018 - Chaosbunker Haul Salute 2018 - Chaosbunker Haul Salute 2018 - Chaosbunker Haul