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A full 48 colours covering paint range (that will be further expanded to cover the whole Pantone Formula Guide). Because if everybody offers relabelled paint pots, why shouldn't we? And the best part - it is not even crowdfunded. Yet, every batch is hand mixed by the painting baristas, so each and every pot is unique and may vary a bit from the last one.

Chaosbunker - Hobbypaints


The Painting Phase

The Painting Phase is a hobby podcast/vlog that was joined last year by Chris "Peachy" Peach, when he left Games Workshop.

The Painting Phase

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Kick Off 2023

We've done the sum up of last year already, so let's take a look ahead and see what 2023 has in it for us:

As a starting point, I looked up the 2022 Kick-Off article, to see what was the status quo, and what changed. Biggest improvement - not just spending hobby time by myself. In addition, as I am working as a sales rep, the re-ignition of actual (meaning offline) events was something that I really was looking for, so the lack of those was not hobby exclusive.

So that we could move from

Games Workshop - Store Koblenz

to here

On Tour - Cologne Digital X

Shows, Conventions and real-life gaming meetups

I'll update the event schedule on here and prepare a post for 2022. So far booked are these;


Happy New Year 2023!

And another year is coming to its end, so enjoy today's New Year's Eve and have a Happy New Year!

Chaosbunker - Happy New Year 2020

Make the most out of your time, what ever makes you happy. Spend the evening with the people you care about. Grab your tools, paints and brushes, or dice, have a good meal and proper drink along with it, simply take care of yourself.

We wish you the best for your goals in the new year. And remember, sometimes less is more, achieving a smaller goal is more satisfying than shooting for the moon. We will do the same.  If you fancy some sneak peaks on what I am working on, follow me on social media, either facebook or instagram.

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A visit to … Bedburger TableTop Freunde e.V.

The gate of the protected knight's estate in Bedburg is as an entrance to a tabletop club in no way an exaggeration of what actually waits behind it. I had the pleasure to visit the Bedburger TableTop Freunde club in August and I can say right away that it was an absolute feast, both from a hobby and a social point of view!

A visit to ... Bedburger TableTop Freunde e.V. A visit to ... Bedburger TableTop Freunde e.V.


A visit to…ACWF Aachener Tabletop Freunde

As I worked at away from home again, I had the chance to maintain my contacts within the tabletop community and to establish new ones. So I took the opportunity to visit the ACWF in Aachen this week.

"ACWF, that stands for Aachener Warhammer Fans and is a name that dates back to the days when Warhammer was more popular," Stephan, the first chairman of the ACWF Aachener Tabletop Freunde, explained to me as he greeted me on my visit to the clubs premises.

A visit to...ACWF Aachener Tabletop Freunde


A visit in the Wizards Inn

Pirmasens. A small town in the deepest of the Palatinate that is currently suffering a little from the offshoring of the shoe industry and is yet home to a cultural pearl - for the hobby. In the immediate proximity of the pedestrian zone, Thomas "Tom" Franz has been running the Wizards Inn since 1997, a whopping 25 years already.

Wizzards Inn - Pirmasens

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Dino’s July 2022

To say that July was hectic would be the understatement of the year. First of all, I lost my job, then within two weeks I found another, better one. In between, I tried to catch up on all the private stuff that was left behind during that time.

One could think now " That guy doesn't paint at all!". But against all expectations I even managed to paint more than in the previous months. The first mini has set a small milestone with its completion.

Mortal Gods - Promachos


Dino’s June 2022

A little more than half a year has passed and finally, FINALLY I received four brushes and three pots of Lahmian Medium from Battlefield Berlin. Sounds strange? But it actually happened.

Lahmian Medium + Brushes

Somehow I don't seem to have much luck with my orders lately and the matter does leave a sour taste. Since then I have asked what the status is and I was told that there will be a shipping confirmation as soon as the order is on its way. After more than half a year of trust for an open order, I would have expected something like a small thank you, even if it had only been something like a ballpoint pen.


Scatter Terrain

As I mentioned in the Tabletopwelt forum at the beginning of the month, I've been working a bit with some terrain I've started. These two scatter terrain pieces were originally intended for Gaslands, but since I play quite a lot of settings where sandy terrain occurs, they can actually be used for almost any system.

Scatter Terrain Scatter Terrain

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