Limited Editions


Event Miniatures
Salute 2012 - Mayan Warrior (Jacques-Alexandre Gillois)
Salute 2013 - Jason (Steve May)

Tactica 2008 - Erzbischof Ansgar (Frank Germershaus)
Tactica 2009 - Otto von Bismarck (Frank Germershaus)
Tactica 2011 - Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck (Frank Germershaus)
Tactica 2012 - Marschall Louis Nicolas Davout (Frank Germershaus)

Games Day Miniatures

2005 - Space Marine Veteran with Powerfsst and Stormbolter (Juan Diaz)
2006 - Demonslayer (Aly Morrison)
2007 - Ork Boss with Snotling (Seb Perbet)
2008 - Space Marine Veteran with Forcehammer (Juan Diaz)
2009 - Chosen Chaos Champion
2010 - Wizard of Chaos
2011 - Skaven Chieftain
2012 - WH40k 2. Edition Cover Blood Angel Space Marine Captain (Juan Diaz)

Forge World

2007 - Imperial Navy Thunderbolt Pilot
2007 - Ork Sqwadron Commander
2008 - Reaver Titan Princeps
2009 - Death Rider Commisar
2011 - Mk III Space Marine
2012 - Imperial Enforcer with Cyber-Mastiff

Other Games Workshop Miniatures

Black Templar Champion des Imperators (Juan Diaz)
Cadianer Sentry
Captain Sicarius (Medusa V-Summercampaign 2006)
Space Marine Veteran Sergeant (Webstore exclusive 2008 )
Rogue Trader Space Marine Captain 25 Years of Warhammer 40.000 (Juan Diaz)
Harry the Hammer (Aly Morrison)
White Dwarf - 30 Jahre White Dwarf (Aly Morrison)
White Dwarf - 100 Ausgaben White Dwarf
Bugmans Bar - Josef Bugman (Aly Morrison)
Bugmans Bar - Josef Bugman 2008 (Aly Morrison)
Grumlok & Gazbag (Warhammer Online LE Miniatur)
Felix Jaeger 40mm (Alex Hedström)
Valten, Chosen of Sigmars unmounted (Storm of Chaos Campaign)
Marco Colombo - Albion Kampagne (Juan Diaz)
Imperial Wizard (Armybox 2006)
Imperial BSB (Armybox 2000)
2010 - The White Dwarf in Space (Dave Thomas)
2011 - White Dwarf "Ancestor One" Aviator (Mike Anderson)

Warlord Games
Hail Caesar Centurio
Black Powder - Albion Triumphant Vol II
Bolt Action Release - With Dennis On
Bolt Action Armies of Germany
Bolt Action Armies of the Soviet Union
Bolt Action Armies of United States (waiting)

Frothers United - Judge Minty
Perry Miniatures - Richard III Remains

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