November 2022 review

Sorry for the delay, the change of month some kind of passed me - hobbywise, so here it is.

Faller 170688 Spezial Seidenschneider Faller 170688 Spezial Seidenschneider


LARDwerp 2022

November 5th, Saturday morning, 10 am - LARDwerp starts. I should be around2 pm that we arrive at the Tin Soldiers of Antwerp club house, in a northern suburb of Antwerp itself. And as you know from our event coverage, we start with a picture of the parking lot.

LARDwerp 2022 - TinSoldiers of Antwerp & Too Fat Lardies

Properly filled with various gaming tables, the club house even covers a licensed bar, so beverages and food were secured. This is off for a good start!


October 2022 review

While I’m writing this sum up of October, my head is all in for the weekend. It the first weekend in November, this means CRISIS!

Tinsoldiers of Antwerp - CRISIS 2019 Tinsoldiers of Antwerp - CRISIS 2019 Crisis 2019 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp

For a decade I’m travelling to Antwerp for the biggest wargaming event on the European mainland. We booked our hotels etc. in summer, with the option to cancel it – if something comes across. And unfortunately, something did. CRISIS as a show won’t happen, as multiple circumstances would make a profitable show very unlikely. But the Too Fat Lardies got together with the TinSoldiers of Antwerp and arranged LARDwerp to happen the same day. So we kept our bookings and I’ll share our wargamers weekend on here along with my other social media channels (If you’re just into the wargaming part follow CHAOSBUNKER, and if you like drinks, food and travel as well, follow me on DennisMit2N).


Old West – Moving to Colorado

I have been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 in late summer and what shall I say, it really got me hooked again with the Old West. I already own a complete collection, with a posse or two even painted up and am pretty rounded with the latest addition in 2020 with Boothill Miniatures.

Wild West Tray Boot Hill Miniatures - Comparison

I have a few rule sets for the stock as well, favouring Warhammer Historicals Legends of the Old West, but I picked up Shootout in Dingstown at Rhein-Main-Multiversum this year. And of course there is always Osprey, in this case just very horror / pulp with Dracula's America.


AMMO – How to paint miniatures for Wargames

AMMO by Mig Jimenez is a Spanish company that produces paints and painting accessories, or ammunition for modelling as they describe it themself. Their main focus is model building, mostly historical topics and in this area, it is very common to have resource books that cover certain time frames, conflicts, specific forces or vehicles.

For some of my projects, for example Bolt Action, I do own various resource books that cover paint tables, drawings and pictures of vehicles and so on. In fictional context, you mostly have the army books or rule books of the games that you play to choose from. And some other books cover techniques like airbrushing etc., and this book - How to Paint Miniatures for Wargames - covers exactly this, how to paint miniatures for tabletop wargaming.

AMMO - How to Paint Miniatures for Wargames


Dino’s September 2022

Woooow, it seems like only a blink of an eye ago that I wrote the article for August, and now the first week of October is also over before I could write just the first letter for my September summary!!!! I've mentioned it before, my new job is stretching me pretty thin, and I have to say, I'm really enjoying it - a feeling I didn't have with my last three employers.

But as the saying goes, "Good things take their time" and also in the hobby I always move according to this motto. So in the past month I have actually not been able to finish painting a single model, except for this terrain piece from Sarissa that I have decorated with a model from Footsore Miniatures as a statue.

Mortal Gods - Statue / Water Fountain



September 2022 review

Let us talk a look together on September.

The month started busy, as a lot of work event were scheduled for the first days of September. And I like that, as I work in sales and one of the reasons, I do that is because I like to work with people, get out there, see places and such. I was in Cologne for Digital X, we had our company summer fest, I held keynotes, so all the boxes checked, but of course that reduces the amount of time you have for your hobby heavily. In combination with getting sick towards the end of this month (and unfortunately still am), that slowed the overall process a bit down - still busy and entertaining month!

I had a blast at Rhein Main Multiversum, especially with the great Spectre Operations game. Second tabletop event for me this year.

8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022 8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022 - Spectre Operations 8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022 - Spectre Operations


Mortal Gods – Promachos

Finally! The Promachos from Footsore Miniatures, and with it the last model of my 300 point force of Corinthians and Adventurers, is painted! I can't put into words how much fun it was to paint this model. This model just screams Titan Quest and I would have no problem painting another one.

Mortal Gods - Promachos Mortal Gods - Promachos


Giving Spectre: Operations a try

Depending on how you count, giving this game a try is years in the making. I've stumbled across Spectre Operations in 2016, when I saw the booth on Salute in London, and covered their miniature range in review the same year. But the rules or setting really caught my eye, on Crisis a year later, in 2017, when I saw the gaming table build by Ivan / ThreadHeadz on Lead Adventure and recognised it at the show.

Crisis 2017 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp Crisis 2017 - Tinsoldiers of Antwerp


8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022

Nidderau is back on the schedule! This weekend (we've been there yesterday) the Tabletop Club Rhein-Main hosted once again after a break the 8th Rhein Main Multiversum.

8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022 8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022

This time, due to the circumstances, the Rhein Main Multiversum was not as a convention but as an open gaming weekend (so without traders) to accomodate any (possible) restrictions and so on.