Mortal Gods – Plataians for demo games

After showing the Thebans for my upcoming demo table for Mortal Gods in my last article, today I can present the counterpart from Plataiai (pronounced Plataiah), the long-term vassal of Athens. As I had planned, I followed the setup of the Thebans one-to-one in order to be able to offer a balanced game experience for the demo games.

Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians
Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians

Visually, I wanted to create a clear distinction to the Thebans and yet show the connection to Athens. So I chose a grey-blue color as the base for the tunics (Sombre Grey from Vallejo Game Colors) and a more pronounced shade of blue as a spot color (Regal Blue from Army Painter).


Mortal Gods – Thebans for demo games

During one of the usual painting sessions on Discord with the Wolpertinger, I came up with the idea of making a demo table for Mortal Gods that could be played at various events in the coming year. Since I liked James Cameron's audio book series "The Long War", I had the idea of using Thebes and Plataea as factions for a few mini-scenarios. Since Gregor, from Games 'n Dice, had sent me some decals and helmets for Thebans, I decided to start with them.

Mortal Gods - Thebans for demo games Mortal Gods - Thebans for demo games Mortal Gods - Thebans for demo games Mortal Gods - Thebans for demo games

I had a few basic ideas when planning out the game factions:


Mortal Gods – Veteran Archer

As a little exercise for the centaurs, I painted the veteran archer for my Corinthians. For the color scheme, I stuck to my old yellow and black scheme, even though the ancient Greeks didn't really have anything like a dress code.

Mortal Gods – Veteran Archer Mortal Gods – Veteran Archer

I admit, this plays into my hands a bit, as I'd like to play my Corinthians according to Athenian rules for a change. They have the nice side effect that their archers fall into the "medium armor" category and can therefore receive an order from veteran hoplites, which equals an additional activation.


Mortal Gods – By Zeus!

As you will remember, last year I brought my Mortal Gods troop to 300 points and mentioned that I wanted to expand the army to 500 points. The first model that was intended for this is now finally ready - the Priest of Zeus!

Mortal Gods - Priest of Zeus

In Mortal Gods Mythic, the priests of the different god factions have the function of granting the player access to mythical creatures. This is also the case here, as I intend to add a statue of Zeus, which should count as a Cyclops for rules purposes, in the army.


Dino’s July 2022

To say that July was hectic would be the understatement of the year. First of all, I lost my job, then within two weeks I found another, better one. In between, I tried to catch up on all the private stuff that was left behind during that time.

One could think now " That guy doesn't paint at all!". But against all expectations I even managed to paint more than in the previous months. The first mini has set a small milestone with its completion.

Mortal Gods - Promachos


Mortal Gods – Veteran

Ha! I finally managed to finish painting up the Veteran of the Corinthians. I admit, so close to the end of the month I hardly believed it, but two undisturbed evenings later I brought my usual color scheme to the mini quite quickly.

Mortal Gods - Veteran Mortal Gods - Veteran


Dino’s May 2022

Last month I asked you how the ease of the Covid measures had affected your hobby life and I received some interesting feedback. Overall, I could see from your feedback that the different views on the measures have partly led to a small split in the hobby community, between the more cautious and the less cautious hobbyists. In general, however, the changes have led to more contacts among those who already checked their health status before each visit anyway, and the number of tabletop games in private has increased again.

In my opinion, it is encouraging that we as hobbyists still show enough common sense, where we also pay attention to our fellow man and not only to ourselves. It shows that integrity and consideration are still present and lived in our hobby. Altogether the contacts have strengthened again somewhat - above all however online. During the period of increased precautions, the online community in particular proved to be a strong anchor for us hobbyists, so that most social contacts could be maintained.

In this regard, I also have to say a few words of thanks to the people who are always encouraging me to push my projects further in the Tabletopwelt forum in my thread and my known group of Tabletop Daddies. So I managed to paint the last hoplite for the Corinthians group that was left for Mortal Gods.

Mortal Gods - Hoplites Mortal Gods - Hoplites


Dino’s April 2022

There is always something refreshing about this month, as it is a common tradition in western regions to pull a prank at the beginning of the month. Accordingly, I also tempted Bunker Boss Dennis to post an April Fool's joke on the Chaosbunker.

WarhammerTV VHS Bootlegs

In our persiflage, we've taken the mickey out of a few topics that have recently found their way into the hobby in a lesser good way, but that's a topic for a whole series of articles. For now, let's just say that sometimes it helps to laugh a little!


Mortal Gods – Hoplite Tutorial

The first of my Corinthian hoplites is painted and I am quite satisfied with the result. Since I might divide the Corinthians and the mercenaries of my army into two independent factions and would also like to have an army of Zeus, I deliberately based the color choice on the centaur.

Mortal Gods - Corinthians

This way I can use the hoplites later equally as Corinthians or Olympians. I also gave the hoplite two swords instead of a spear and shield. This falls more into the category of artistic freedom, but it breaks up a bit of a too-similar image of the models on the gaming table.


Mortal Gods – Greek Archers

There you go, the last two archers are done and so is the matching squad. Besides the usual snapshots of the models, this time I also read a bit about the troop type itself. I often see this when Dennis shows off a few of his models and thought I'd give it a try as well.

Mortal Gods - Greek Archers Mortal Gods - Greek Archers