Mortal Gods – Promachos

Finally! The Promachos from Footsore Miniatures, and with it the last model of my 300 point force of Corinthians and Adventurers, is painted! I can't put into words how much fun it was to paint this model. This model just screams Titan Quest and I would have no problem painting another one.

Mortal Gods - Promachos Mortal Gods - Promachos

 "And I tell you, children, I am not exaggerating when I speak of Adamastios, the captain of the Corinthian city guard, who had already experienced many adventures in his youth!

It was he who slew the newborn Gorgon Petragapi before she could become a serious threat, and faced Chons the moon god of Thebes. No, no, not the Thebes of Mother Greece, but Thebes to the east, in Egypt.

Of course, they also have gods there...stupid boy! Even a lot of them! Chons, or Konshu, is the man-eater, a harbinger of mischief as strong as Heracles himself. Yes, my boy, Adamastios even a god could not intimidate..."

Especially with the shield, I tried to create a slightly more plastic effect this time. I always liked the checkerboard pattern on the edge, but the grimace on the front really rounds off the model. I only touched up the decal a little bit, which is from the Warlord Games skeleton kit. In the corners of the mouth I darkened the red color a bit, while the tongue got some accents at the tip. Finally, the slight shadows on the white areas created depth.

It was a bit trickier with the hair, since it looks rather wild on the model and is difficult to highlight. With a little patience, however, I was able to give it a halfway decent look.

Mortal Gods - Promachos Mortal Gods - Promachos

The Corinthians thus form the somewhat more uniform part of my force, while the Adventurers seem more like a wild bunch.

Corinthian city guard

Mortal Gods - Corinthian City Guard Mortal Gods - Corinthian City Guard

Diamachos' Adventurers

Mortal Gods - Diamachos' Adventurers Mortal Gods - Diamachos' Adventurers

Overall, the troops form a nice picture, but I already feel inspired enough to eventually split both parts into separate forces. The Corinthians, with their uniform look, seem more like an organized army, while the adventurers visually radiate a certain willingness to take risks.

Mortal Gods - Corinthians

So you see, the end of the odyssey has not yet been reached. In the next step I will aim for the milestone of 500 points for Mythic. A statue of Zeus will be the substitute for the Cyclops and to get access to mythical troop types, I still need a Priest of Zeus. But for now, I'll enjoy the sight of the fully painted army.


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