Warhammer 40,000 – Leviathan Terminators and Characters

We did the Unboxing of the Warhammer 40,000 Leviathan boxed set and start with the first detailed review covering the new, upscaled Terminators and Characters, a Captain and a Librarian.

These models are currently only available via Leviathan and as they are push-fit, it is likely that the characters will be available separately later, but the Terminators will most likely be replaced with a multipart plastic kit, covering additional weapon options.

Warhammer 40,000 - Leviathan Terminators Warhammer 40,000 - Leviathan Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armour Warhammer 40,000 - Leviathan Space Marine Librarian in Terminator Armour

What are Terminators? Only the Veterans of the 1st company of a Space Marine chapter, who earn the Crux Terminatus, have the right to wear the Tactical Dreadnought Armour, most commonly known as Terminator Armour. These armours are the toughest infantry armour the Mechanicum provides to the Space Marines, but their wearers trade in maneuverability for protection and heavier firepower. As such they are often used in boarding actions on starships or other assault missions, where they can make additional use of the teleportation technology integrated into the armour.


Warhammer 40,000 – Leviathan Unboxing

You can pre-order the launch box of Warhammer 40,000 10th edition - Leviathan soon! This new box was previewed on Warhammer Fest in April 2023.

This is not a starter set, as we've seen in the past, but a Tyrannic Wars themed launch set, covering two armies, Space Marines and Tyranids, and the new 10th edition rulebook as a hardcover.

Warhammer 40,000 - Leviathan


Adeptus Titanicus – Legio Magna Furor Hereticus Pt. I

As an antagonist for my Legio Astraman and their Ad Arma project, I want to introduce Legio Magna and their own army project - Furor Hereticus!

Inspired by AuxiliaryMirelurk's home brew legio of possessed titans, I looked further into the lore of Legio Magna and decided that a few mutations would be a great way to add something special to this project. And when Games Workshop kindly send me the Wrath of the Soul Forge King boxed set, with Vashtorr the Arkifane and a few other Chaos Space Marine sets (like the Venomcrawler and Obliterators), I had to tinker around.

Warhammer 40,000 - Wrath of the Soul Forge King Adeptus Titanicus - Reaver vs. Vashtorr

Vashtorr himself is already a great part donor for reaver sized titans. The groin armour fits perfectly on a reaver, the head is a bit small, so might be more fitting for a warhound or larger Knights, but the wings would make a great trait for some swift mutations.


May 2023 review

In May we had another wargaming event, and I was at CONflict Rheinland, and I can't wait for the next event - which might not be earlier than August with BOYL (yes, we booked our flights). But as I said, had a great time at Langenfeld, met new people and played some games.

Internal CONflict Rheinland 2023 - Barons War Internal CONflict Rheinland 2023 - Frostgrave Internal CONflict Rheinland 2023 - Battlefleet Gothic


Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team – Ashes of Faith Supplement

It's been a while, since the last that the we covered a supplement for Kill Team on here. Back in 2018 we covered the semi-stand-alone boxed set of Rogue Trader, which was introduced earlier that year at Warhammer Fest Europe. And it is pretty similar with Warhammer 40,000  Kill Team - Ashes of Faith, a narrative supplement for Kill Team, which was introduced on Warhammer Fest a few weeks ago as well.

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team - Ashes of Faith Supplement

Unlike other Kill Team boxed sets, this one comes without terrain, but with a narrative campaign, which provides a bit of development for the teams. The two factions covered in this set are the Inquisition, with a retinue of Inquisitorial Agents and Ancillary support units (Scions and Sisters of Silence) and a cult of Chaos. Quite the stack of miniatures, but more on that later. You are welcomed by a lot of plastic once you open up the box. Beneath that, you'll find a divider with the Warhammer logo, protecting the remaining game materials (which we will show you in detail further below) from the sprues.


Internal CONflict Rheinland 2023

CONflict Rheinland returns for the weekend of May 12th to 14th, once again as an internal affair. And I was there for the third time, after last year's show and the last public one in 2019. And with it being held in Langenfeld, just north of Leverkusen, it is a one-hour drive for me and much quicker than that for the people joining in from the Ruhrarea or Cologne.

And obviously, we can't cover an event, without covering the parking lot first. Lots of space right in front of the venue.

Internal CONflict Rheinland 2023 Internal CONflict Rheinland 2023 Internal CONflict Rheinland 2023


April 2023 review

One Third of 2023 is already behind us and I'm looking forward to the next gaming events.

I managed to combine one of my business trips with a visit to a gaming club and had a good time at Fantasy-Spiele Würzburg e.V., you can read up on my visit here.

Würzburg Germany A visit to ... Fantasy-Spiele Würzburg e.V. A visit to ... Fantasy-Spiele Würzburg e.V.

The event schedule is updated, and I'm trying to make my visit to BOYL happen this year!


Warhammer Fest 2023 Recap and Comments – Part 3

And the third and final part of our Warhammer Fest 2023 recap and comments, focussing on the Monday reveals. With them being only labelled as Kill Team and the rather "light" content of the Fantasy skirmishes from Saturday, I didn't expect that much. But was happily surprised.

There will be a narrative campaign for Kill Team called Ashes of Faith. It is not part of the current season Gallowdark, but an extension of its own, I assume a bit like Rogue Trader back in 2018. It covers no terrain, and a repack of the chaos cultists sets from the 40k Chaos range (Dark Commune, Cultists and Accursed Cultists), as well as a few Sisters of Silence and Scions to support the new Inquisitorial Agents, who are a new plastic kit, that will give you the option to build 7 different miniatures (a few variants shown here).

Warhammer Fest 2023 - Kill Team Ashes of Faith

These are a nod to the Inquisitor 54mm miniature roleplaying game by Games Workshop in the 2000s, among them most noticeably Sergeant Stone, who had his 54mm miniature and even a rumour engine teaser a while back on Warhammer Community. The new model really catches the artwork by John Blanche and Adrian Smith.


Warhammer Fest 2023 Recap and Comments – Part 2

Picking up after day one of Warhammer Fest 2023, Games Workshop started with Age of Sigmar, we actually received a three part reveal.

The first one, covering a well-deserved update on the Imperial Knights, now known as Cities of Sigmar Freeguild Cavaliers. Quite the tall horses and stunning barding on these. I like the different armour pieces and variants for the helmets. The old kit is 25 years old and did some heavy lifting back in the day, but it is time to send them into their well-deserved retirement. It will be interesting to see if the Demigryph cavalry will be phased out as well, as they don't really fit with the scale and who would ride demigryphs if you can have these horses? Impressive kit and I can imagine an impressive kitbash potential for Astra Militarum rough riders as well.

Warhammer Fest 2023 - Age of Sigmar Freecity Cavaliers Warhammer Fest 2023 - Age of Sigmar Freecity Cavaliers


Warhammer Fest 2023 Recap and Comments – Part 1

This prolonged weekend (April 29th to May 1st 2023) was the Warhammer Fest 2023 hosted by Games Workshop in Manchester. This is the annual big Warhammer party, currently only held in the UK, but all the reveals and a lot of coverage can be found as well directly published by Games Workshop on their twitch or Warhammer Community page.

Warhammer Fest 2023

The last time we had a Warhammer Fest in Central Europe was in 2018, when it was hosted in Düsseldorf, Germany. We were there and covered the event on this blog.