AMMO – How to paint miniatures for Wargames

AMMO by Mig Jimenez is a Spanish company that produces paints and painting accessories, or ammunition for modelling as they describe it themself. Their main focus is model building, mostly historical topics and in this area, it is very common to have resource books that cover certain time frames, conflicts, specific forces or vehicles.

For some of my projects, for example Bolt Action, I do own various resource books that cover paint tables, drawings and pictures of vehicles and so on. In fictional context, you mostly have the army books or rule books of the games that you play to choose from. And some other books cover techniques like airbrushing etc., and this book - How to Paint Miniatures for Wargames - covers exactly this, how to paint miniatures for tabletop wargaming.

AMMO - How to Paint Miniatures for Wargames


Battlefleet Gothic – Chaos Fleet Pt 2

The Chaos Fleet is set, and now it is time to choose the models. My "demand" are the following models.

  • 1x Chaos Battle Barge
  • 1x Grand Cruiser
  • 6x Cruisers
  • 3x Idolators Class Raider
  • 3x Infidel Class Raiders
  • 4x Iconoclast Class Destroyers

The closest option would be to try and go for second-hand market, but with the pricing that would quickly move the overall costs for this fleet above 200 EUR - if I get lucky. The either go for alternative models or get them printed. For Chaos Fleets there are two major creators, who cover the range. That would be Soul Forge Studio and ItalianMoose. With Soul Forge Studio coming up for about 50 USD just for the STLs to print these, with ItalianMoose offering the files for free.

All of what I needed was on cults3d. I used the Battleship file for the Battle Barge, the Grand Cruiser for the Grand Cruiser and what is pretty amazing, ItalianMoose offers the (Heavy) Cruisers either as complete models, or modular, so you can magnetize them, or use the weapons batteries files, that are available on their own.

Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Heavy Cruiser Styx Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Escorts


Battlefleet Gothic – Chaos Fleet

Welcome back to the grim dark space battles, with Battlefleet Gothic. I did an intro post on this dual fleet project, and we have to start somewhere, so let us do that with the Chaos Fleet.

Battlefleet Gothic - Chaos Fleet

I'll be using the fleet lists from the Battlefleet Gothic Remastered (I have the v.033 of the fleet lists at hand) and going for a roughly 2.000 points amount of miniatures as a starting ground, to know what to print and have a small collection for smaller to above medium sized battles.


September 2022 review

Let us talk a look together on September.

The month started busy, as a lot of work event were scheduled for the first days of September. And I like that, as I work in sales and one of the reasons, I do that is because I like to work with people, get out there, see places and such. I was in Cologne for Digital X, we had our company summer fest, I held keynotes, so all the boxes checked, but of course that reduces the amount of time you have for your hobby heavily. In combination with getting sick towards the end of this month (and unfortunately still am), that slowed the overall process a bit down - still busy and entertaining month!

I had a blast at Rhein Main Multiversum, especially with the great Spectre Operations game. Second tabletop event for me this year.

8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022 8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022 - Spectre Operations 8th Rhein Main Multiversum 2022 - Spectre Operations


Warhammer 40,000 – Leagues of Votann Hearthkyn Warriors

The next kit from the Leagues of Votann Army Set, after we covered the heroes on monday, let's take a closer look upon the Hearthkyn Warriors - the only core unit from the Votann Codex so far.

Warhammer 40,000 - Leagues of Votann Hearthkyn Warriors

With the army set, we received 20 of these, which is two sets of 10. They are spread across three sprues with lots of options (as you can see from the pictures and will see in further detail in this review). We don't have a price yet, but I assume we will be around the 45 to 50 EUR mark, as this is a three sprue kit. Again, as with the other review, we're not going to talk about special rules or point values (especially with the current feedback from the community, it is likely that there will be an update).


Warhammer 40,000 – Leagues of Votann Heroes

Now it is time for us to look into the kits included in the Leagues of Votann Army Set, beginning with the characters. There are two character choices included, even a named one, Ûthar the Destined (who can be build as a Kâhl) and an Einhyr Champion.

Warhammer 40,000 - Leagues of Votann Ûthar the Destined and Einhyr Champion

As we have no official prices on these as individual releases yet, there are only speculations. But we can assume that Ûthar will be around 31,50 EUR and the Einhyr Champion on the 27 EUR price tag. Each of them comes in a small sprue and covers the model itself with a few options. But more on that further below. We're not going to talk about special rules or point values (especially as the later might be changed in an errata).


Troublemaker Games – 6-8mm Terrain

We revisit the range of Troublemaker Games after covering their building and ruins range, it received an elaborated update with a couple new plastic sprues, stls and even printed items. As I'm heading into 6-8mm with my Epic 30k project (and the adjacent topics of Adeptus Titanicus and Aeronautica Imperialis) this was good reason, to give these new additions another look.

Troublemaker Games - 6-8mm Terrain

The Troublemaker range is sold via Vanguard Miniatures and shipped from the UK. Currently the don't offer IOSS for EU customers, but they offer a shipping cost cap of maximum 10 GBP.


Battlefleet Gothic – The Fleets

There are three projects, that I'll take on with my 3d printer. Epic 30,000 was already introduced with my Imperial Fists, and Battlefleet Gothic so far only teased with the terrain article.

Battlefleet Gothic

I have talked about it in my parking lot theory article, and I don't have any space battle games. I do have naval battles with Black Seas, and faster, skirmishes with Cruel Seas (both only covering the miniature range, not bound to the rule set) in my collection, but as I said, no sci-fi space battles. Of course, there are plenty on the market. There is Full Thrust by Ground Zero Games (a game with an incredible support in the German community), there was / is Firestorm Armada by Spartan Games (Warcradle picked it up again), Star Wars Armada (which I somehow count more like a board game) and is OOP from my point of view. And then ... there was Battlefleet Gothic in 1999 - introduced via White Dwarf and later released as an boxed game.


Warhammer 40,000 – Leagues of Votann Army Set

Today is pre-order day for the army set of the latest addition of playable factions for Warhammer 40,000 - the Leagues of Votann. The Leagues of Votann are the successors of the old Squats in the new Grim Dark design. Less cartoony, less ZZ top biker gang, more sci-fi with a bit of nordic inspiration.

Warhammer 40,000 - Leagues of Votann Army Set Warhammer 40,000 - Leagues of Votann Army Set

These army sets were introduced a while ago and cover a medium sized force of miniatures, around the size of the Combat Patrol sets, along with a limited edition cover variant of the Codex, tokens and data cards. All this is usually set at a RRP of 155 EUR. Compared to the Combat Patrols, of which the most are around 120 EUR, you pay the upgrade for the Codex (~40 EUR RRP).


Necromunda – Goliath Maulers

Along with the latest supplement for Necromunda - Cinderak Burning, the next House to receive vehicles are the Goliath with massive bikes, the Maulers. We've already seen the Outrider Squads from House Orlock and were teased about House Escher's Cutter Jetbikes at Nova earlier this year.

Necromunda - Goliath Maulers Necromunda - Goliath Maulers

Vehicles to Necromunda 2017 are a bit of novelty, just added this year with the Ashwastes. For Necromunda veterans of the mid 90s, this is the first time we receive "proper" officiala rules, as we had to make do with what we had, which meant house rules based upon Gorkamorka and some snippets from Citadel Journal. Especially if you take a look on how Necromunda started the relaunch. Gone were the days of bulkhead terrain, you played on a flat surface and now we're not just out in the open, but quiet mobile in our gang warfare.