Frostgrave Barbarians

The latest supplement for Frostgrave was once again financed by Nickstarter, Northstar's own crowdfunding solution, and brought along with the "Forgotten Pacts" expansion a brand new box of plastic miniatures. This set of multi-part barbarians will be covered in this review.

Northstar Figures - Frostgrave Barbarians Northstar Figures - Frostgrave Barbarians


Frostgrave Rulebook

This year, Osprey Games had a surprising release of Frostgrave, a fantasy skirmish in a frozen city. The release of a wargaming rule set, is nothing new for Osprey, so why is this one so popular?



Zombies and Frostgrave

I did some painting this week! Along with putting my Airbrush to action, i gave the Zombie bust a first coat of paint. After receiving some feedback about which scheme to choose, i went with greenish skin (as base tone, but it will become more "fleshy"), grey shirt and blue trousers.

The Walking Dead Bust Paint in Progress

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Frostgrave Blisters and Individuals

Frostgrave is more than just the plastic kit. Northstar offers quite a lot of Blisters with the initial release, so i beefed up the Soldiers with a bunch of magicians and wizards.


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Frostgrave Soldiers

Northstar did a Nickstarter for Frostgrave, a fantasy skirmish ruleset, and even included a plastic kit of soldiers.

Frostgrave Soldiers Frostgrave Soldiers


Of running in shadows and frosty graves

Frostgrave was recently released by Osprey and Northstar Miniatures and the Nickstarter for the expansion, Thaw of the Lich Lord, is online and already through the first stretch goals. As i am still struggling, if i can resist to pledge for the expansion before i even started building the basic rules and two warbands ... it's a a hard decision 😀

Frostgrave Book + Box Fireforge Games + Gripping Beasts


Frostgrave & Battlefields in Miniature

Northstar teamed up with Osprey and introduced Frostgrave. A Fantasy Skirmish, with Warbands gathered around Wizards and Mages of different schools, that explore the frozen City for treasures and artefacts.

Frostgrave Frostgrave