Dino’s July 2022

To say that July was hectic would be the understatement of the year. First of all, I lost my job, then within two weeks I found another, better one. In between, I tried to catch up on all the private stuff that was left behind during that time.

One could think now " That guy doesn't paint at all!". But against all expectations I even managed to paint more than in the previous months. The first mini has set a small milestone with its completion.

Mortal Gods - Promachos

Finishing the Promachos for my, by mercenaries supported, Corinthians, brings my army fully painted to the size of 300 points.

Mortal Gods - Army Shot

I really enjoyed touching up the decal on the shield a bit. Until now, I had quite a bit of trouble applying decals, but once they're on, I'm now quite happy to rework them a bit. Here, for example, I painted the corners of the mouth in darker red, while the tongue got two or three highlights to look more plastic.

Mortal Gods - Promachos

I also played a bit with lighter gray shadows on the white areas and painted them both under the eyes, on the nasal folds and a bit above the eyebrows. I especially like the Corinthian half of my troop so much that I'm going to separate them as their own army. Okay, I admit it, I like the other half as well, but they'll be converted to adventurers because I got some great conversions there.

Mortal Gods - Army Shot

More experiments were done this month with this lineman for the Old World Alliance Team, which I will paint in the course of a Blood Bowl Community Team. I'll immortalize community members who interact regularly in the form of modified names and make it clear in the ongoing articles who is behind them.

Blood Bowl - Community Team

Since I haven't painted any of the 2016 edition teams yet, I wanted to try a new color scheme with this one. Those who remember the Golden Vultures know that I already have a team in green, but it's just a very different kind of green. The idea here was to capture more of a summery green tone, which I think I managed to do quite well.

Once the decals are applied, I then select a member of the community that is either active on the Tabletopwelt forum in my thread, or someone who leaves a few comments here at Bunker.

Unplanned, but very quickly finished, is this thief for Frostgrave. I was inspired a little by the poster of the movie King Arthur, which also turned out quite well.

Frostgrave - Thief

Maybe next month I'll paint another Frostgrave mini, since the minis have been looking at me accusingly for a few years now and...I just like them! More likely, though, I'll stay disciplined and paint something I have on the agenda for this year, or bought this year (because I don't want the mountain of unpainted minis to grow, but to shrink).

A few days ago, the spray primer I ordered from Taschengelddieb arrived, almost at the same time as the spray primer I ordered from Fantasy-In just about a month ago. Well? Already smiling? Yes, it happened to me again...I order something and it arrived what felt like a million years later. I guess logistics is reaching its limits in the pandemic that is gaining momentum again. Anyway, I'm glad I have another job than courier driver in these times.

New Miniatures

Anyway, it's not like I don't still have primed models standing here, as you can see from the Frotgrave thief. Other than that, I bought this thing along with the primer this month:

Specs with Light

At the ALDI this thing has cost about 10, - €, a little less. Actually, I only became aware of it because on Facebook constantly ran into an ad for the same product, where it says "See your minis 350% bigger!". Well, who actually thinks that, also tells his wife that he...let's just say 20% more is more realistic. However, I had to hold the mini so close in front of my eyes for this that I saw it well even without glasses.

So I booked this experiment under the category "lesson cost" and now have another dust catcher standing around at home. But if you still want to paint with magnifying lenses, you should rather go for the supermarket version. The model advertised on Facebook costs 30 €...


Budget Challenge

And that brings us to this month's budget. For minis I have spent no money, because my supply is served at the moment. The glasses are booked with 10, - €, thus rounded upwards. That is fine, since there was actually no need for them.

The spray primers hit at a total of 29.99 including delivery and are included in the work materials expense (so don't count towards my monthly hobby budget).


My budget in July:

Balance previous month: 32,15- €

July 2022 budget: 52,15,- €

July 2022 spending: 10,- €

July 2022 rest: 42,15 €


Espenses for work materials:

July: 29,99 €

Balance until July 2022: 84,84 €



Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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