Iron giants, iron calves and hovering boats

I saw this picture on facebook, it is a K2SO toy converted by Steve Perry (Rubicon Models UK represenatitv) into a 28mm terrain piece. That would be awesome for all kinds of Sci-Fi settings, from the Ashwastes of Necromunda, over Gates of Antares to Rogue Stars.

Star Wars - K2SO Ruins


Necromunda Re-Release

Last Sunday, shortly after I finished the coverage on my visit to the Lord of the Rings Hobbiton Movie Set, the first info from Forge World Open Day trinkled in. And it was quite hot news. The first guests in the line were handed flyers covering the artwork below, announcing the rerelease of Necromunda!

Necromunda Underhive Forge World Open Day Necromunda Flyer


Pinterest: Vaults, Swamps and Deserts

For a last time before christmas, on the 4th advent, I'll pick another interesting three project, that I want to share with you.

The first one brings us to the Vault! An amazing elaborated project by Deltadog, who's working on a Fallout themed board game for himself. With a lot of attention to detail this project has grown to almost 50 pages on Lead Adventure.

 Fallout: Vaultventures - A Postapoc Boardgame  Fallout: Vaultventures - A Postapoc Boardgame  Fallout: Vaultventures - A Postapoc Boardgame


Starting a Genestealer Cult

I'm quite amazed by the recent release of the Genestealer Cult. Games Workshop seems to do a lot of interesting and well meant things currently. Horus Heresy in plastic, first look at Adeptus Custodes in plastic as well, and then these Rogue Trader flashback in form of the genestealer cult.

I was already hooked when they released Deathwatch Overkill, and I managed to acquire the part of the genestealer cult for a small dime.

Inq28 / Necromunda - Genestealer Cult


Thoughts on Specialist Games revival

The rumours are spreading and growing wild, so far only one thing was confirmed - Games Workshop is re-founding a studio for the Specialist Games.

Is this a reason to get exited? Yes and no. Why both answers? It depends on what you are looking for.


Mantic Mars Attacks Trucks

Mantic Games released for Mars Attacks these nice Trucks in 28mm scale. They are proper hard plastic, come in a sprue etc., no restic, no resin, straight forward good old plastic. I got myself a set of 3, for general purpose in Necromunda, Zombie Survival etc.

Mantic Games - Trucks


Back to the Underhive – Part 1

While re-arranging the shelfes, i freed up a second one for my Inq28 / Necromunda / Inquimunda Collection. So i decided to proceed doing inventory and basing some of my collection. Therefore i needed to restock on bases.

My Dark Eldar Warband is based on some Voodoo Worx Alien bases, that range was sold to Secret Weapon, so i had to buy them in the states. Fun fact, they arrived at the same time as the Dark Art Bases below, ordered in the UK.

Voodoo Worx / Secret Weapon Bases Voodoo Worx / Secret Weapon Bases


Starting in 3 … 2 … 1

My vacation has now officially started, its thursday morning and there is a long list of to-dos for three and a half weeks of time.

What is the starting situation?

Well, first of all, i got some support with another Boba Fett, who's sitting on my monitor. He complements the star wars theme with the two lego flyers, the x-wing miniatures game and the Boba Fett dice holder (you remember?).

BobaFett2 Boba Fett



Project idea

Current Status

Further Planning

Arbites Gang - "No Name yet"

Paint in Progress - Adepus Arbites

Cawdor Gang - "No Name yet"

Escher Gang - "No Name yet"

Escher Gang

Tech-Gladiator Gang - "No Name yet"

Goliath Gang - "The Iron Wolfes"
Zwar gehört den Orlock, als Haus des Eisens, die Produktion der Metalle, aber die Erze müssen irgendwo her kommen. Und da kommen die kräftigen Anhänger des Hauses Goliath ins Spiel, die Eisenwölfe. Evtl. kann man hier und da noch Space Wolves Bitz einbinden.

Orlock Gang - "Greasers"
Ganz im Stil der 50er Jugendkultur passen die Jeans und Lederjacke/-weste tragenden Orlocks dazu. Ergänzt durch den offiziellen Hintergrund als Haus des Eisens, kombiniert man dazu Maschinenbau. Als Namen für die Ganger würden sich Italo-Amerikanische Namen und Spitznamen empfehlen.

Scavvy Gang - "No Name yet"

-I-Munda Scavies -I-Munda Scavies -I-Munda Scalies -I-Munda Scalies -I-Munda Scalies

Van Saar Gang - "No Name yet"

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