Necromunda – Bulkheads

While sorting through the miniatures and getting a feel for the volume, I realised that my actual problem aren't the miniatures (they are mostly 28mm, so that's not that tall, and I don't do mass combat armies) but the terrain. And after going through the boxes and opening up the 4th box (of a few more) with Necromunda Bulkheads in it, it dawned on me that I might went a bit overboard on them.

So my stock went above 200 of these, that's more than I need.

Necromunda - Bulkheads Necromunda - Bulkheads

But how many do I need? These bulkheads were released along side the Necromunda in the mid 90s, they came in a sprue of 6, with 4 different designs (2x A, 2x B, 1x C and 1x D). The Necromunda box set contained 30 of these, with the outlanders supplement two sprues / 12 bulkheads came on top. The Necromunda starter terrain was re-released by Games Workshop as a Warhammer 40.000 terrain kit under the name "Industrial Battlezone".

These bulkheads were used with cardboard pieces to build easy, pre-painted and light terrain. Since like forever, I have in mind to replace the brittle and worn-down card board pieces (assembly and disassembly just frayed the edges and corners) with plastic card, as If it weren't for ones and 40kHamSlam did with theirs.

Necromunda - Box set 1995 Necromunda - Outlanders Supplement 1996 Warhammer 40.000 - Industrial Battlezone

But Games Workshop didn't keep it with just the underhive, but some very iconic terrain kits, that were often seen with the White Dwarf battle reports in the "good old days". Like the Imperial Bastions, the Firebase, Command Tower, Battle Bunker and beyond that for a part of the campaign kits and Gorkamorka box set.

Warhammer 40.000 - Imperial Bastion Warhammer 40.000 - Imperial Firebase Warhammer 40.000 - Imperial Guard Command Tower Warhammer 40.000 - Imperial Battle Bunker Warhammer 40.000 - Imperial Battle Bunker

I rebuild the Firebase and Command Tower in MDF a long time ago, but want to recreate these in the same way as the Necromunda terrain, with plastic card replacing the card board. I am not sure, if I am going to do this by hand or get myself a flatbed plotter / something along the lines of a Silhouette Cameo.

What would I want to recreate?

  • 2x Necromunda box set at 30 bulkheads each
  • 1x Necromunda Outlanders set at 12 bulkheads
  • 1x Imperial Bastion at 12 bulkheads
  • 1x Imperial Firebase at 12 bulkheads
  • 1x Imperial Guard Command Tower at 6 bulkheads
  • 1x Imperial Battle Bunker at 12 bulkheads

Makes a total of 114 bulkheads, that I actually "need". Sorting through that I have the same amount of each, I got myself one of the old box sets and filled it up with 18 / 36 of each design.

Necromunda - Bulkheads

Another 36 were put aside for Christian / Fritz and his projects, leaving me with this lot to sell / trade in.

Necromunda - Bulkheads

What am I looking for? I have some gaps in my Necromunda collection (I have to add Pit Slaves and Scavvies, but I didn't had the chance to do a proper stock on them yet).

  • House Orlock - 1 kid, that pose
  • House Goliath - 1 kid (that pose), 4 gangers, preferred these two poses and two randoms
  • House Escher - 2 gangers from the shown poses
  • House Cawdor - 3 gangers from the shown poses, 1 heavy with grenade launcher
  • House Van Saar - 1 heavy with plasma, 2 gangers random poses
  • House Delaque - 3 gangers from the shown poses
  • Ratskins - 1 kid, one of those poses, and one ganger, that pose
  • Redemptionists - 2 gangers, those poses
  • Hired Guns - that Beastmaster
  • Bits - looking for these backpacks

Necromunda - Wanted

If you have these and are willing to split for trades (bulkheads, Necromunda or Middlehammer stock) / at reasonable rates, let me know.


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  1. Great article. I’m wondering if there are any MDF kits or 3D printer STLs to replace the cardboards? I’d like to find some, as I too would like to replace the originals with something more durable and 3D. Thanks.

  2. Not proper ones, but I think I should be able to craft some vector files as a template for cutting.

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