Age of Sigmar Stormbringer – Kruleboyz Warcry Warband

We did it once - we do it again. Building a Warcry warband from the Stormbringer Magazine contents. As we started with the Stormcasts Eternals miniatures from the first three issues, we now build a small warband from the Kruleboyz from the same batch.

For this we need issue #01 and #02 from Stormbringer, covering a hero and a pack of 10 gutrippaz. And to build the Warcry warband, we need the Harbinger of Destruction PDF, where the rules for the Kruleboyz are included.

Age of Sigmar Stormbringer - Kruleboyz Warcry Warband


Age of Sigmar Stormbringer – Warcry Stormcast Warband

As mentioned in the last article, we're building a Stormcast Warcry warband from the Stormbringer Magazine content and we're already able to muster a small one with the first few issues (actually two, if you use the Kruleboyz as well).

With the content of issue #1 and #3, we have six miniatures and we're going to build Vindictors and the Knight Arcanum. The instructions are included in the booklets, all models are push-fit (but I'd recommend using glue) and come with 40mm round bases.

Age of Sigmar Stormbringer - Warcry Stormcast Warband


Mortal Gods – Plataians for demo games

After showing the Thebans for my upcoming demo table for Mortal Gods in my last article, today I can present the counterpart from Plataiai (pronounced Plataiah), the long-term vassal of Athens. As I had planned, I followed the setup of the Thebans one-to-one in order to be able to offer a balanced game experience for the demo games.

Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians
Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians

Visually, I wanted to create a clear distinction to the Thebans and yet show the connection to Athens. So I chose a grey-blue color as the base for the tunics (Sombre Grey from Vallejo Game Colors) and a more pronounced shade of blue as a spot color (Regal Blue from Army Painter).


Warmaster – Dukedom of Gisoreux Pt 3

With all the talk about the Old World, I feel the need to pick up my old-world themed Warmaster project of the Bretonnian Dukedom of Gisoreux.

Warmaster - Dukedom of Gisoreux

The 10 plates were printed and cured in the mean time, costing me less than litre of resin and about a week of printing (the printing time will be less for people who use larger printers and/or newer once, with faster printing time). This would be 23 units, 10 heroes and two artillery pieces, so quite the stunning 3,000 points army.

Warmaster - Dukedom of Gisoreux Warmaster – Bretonnia Dukedom of Gisoreux


Legions Imperialis – Mustering the Solar Auxilia

We showed you how the army building in Legions Imperialis works with the example of an Astartes army. And we want to pick up the idea and build and extend the other half of the starter kit, the Solar Auxilia.

Horus Heresy - Solar Auxilia

The four steps are the same:

  • Declare Allegiance
  • Choose Primary Army List
  • Assemble Compulsory Formations
  • Complete the Army

Legions Imperialis – Civitas Imperialis Capitol

On Warhammer Community they showed a new diorama in Legions Imperialis scale that is exhibited at Warhammer World. And one of the center pieces is this capitol building, that caught the eye of many.

Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Capitol Imperialis


Legions Imperialis – Painting tiny marines

As we are going deep with the coverage and further projects using the new Epic scale Legions Imperialis miniatures, I grabbed a few miniatures from the Legiones Astartes Infantry set and prepared them to get them painted as that just looks nicer in the comparison pictures.

Hors Heresy - Legions Imperialis - Painting some Epic Scale Space Marines Horus Heresy - Liber Traitoris Alpha Legion

It will be two bases of Astartes, one with a few command miniatures in power armour and the second one with the Cataphracti terminators, and with this scope I thought, well that would be a great chance to paint something outside of my project idea. And what legion would be better than the Alpha Legion? Especially as the pictures from the Liber Hereticus really spoke to me. Beside that, it would be a great time to try out a translucent colour over metallics, using Contrast paints.


October 2023 review

The post man was quite busy this month, as was Dino with his extensive coverage on Mortal Gods. And one of the events I managed to squeeze in this month was the SPIEL in Essen. And one of the few things, I picked up at the show, was this nice SioCast miniatures. If that name rings a bell, we've seen the machines at the Warlord Games studio. I'm looking forward to drop by their booth at Formnext on November 8th.

SioCast - Spiel 2023 Event Miniature

As I said, the post man was busy, and while I'm still working on the second Italy campaign book for Bolt Action, Tough Guts, which follows up on Soft Underbelly, and my backlog became a bit bigger (incl. the things I brought back from the BOYL trip, another Sd.Kfz. variant).


Old West – Converting the General Purpose Wagon

You might have read the article on the General Purpose Wagon by Great Escape Games last week, and as I mentioned among the last few sentences, I got a few more of the sprues for further kitbashing and conversions.

Old West - Converting the General Purpose Wagon

Being highly motivated to produce progress on this setting by Red Dead Redemption 2, as mentioned in an earlier post, I started the last save game and took a few pictures of the wagons in the game. Some were broken down, others filled with goods and personal objects, and all of them provided inspiration for some modification based upon the plastic kit.


Warmaster – Dukedom of Gisoreux Pt 2

We talked about the framework of this project, the Dukedom of Gisoreux, Bretonnians for Warmaster and now have to move on to the next steps, and that would be 3d printing at home.

Warmaster - Dukedom of Gisoreux

How to approach this? I've talked about my start into 3d printing last year, and to be fair, you have to be honest about the costs as there is a lot of eye washing happening online. As mentioned earlier we have 115 EUR costs already for bases and STL files. What did the hardware and "consumable" cost for a start?

My resin printer is an Anycubic Photon Mono 4K (RRP of 260 EUR, but mostly on sale for 200 EUR). There are larger and newer generations available, but these cost quite a bit more. I think this is a reasonable choice to dip your toe into 3d printing. I got myself a bundle with the Wash & Cure 2.0 and a litre of resin for a total of 350 EUR. The litre would be sufficient to print the list of miniatures I wrote up earlier. But that is not all you need to start printing, as you will have some consumable items, like IPA, some safety gear etc. to clean up and further process your prints. Yes, you can do without the cure and wash, some sealable containers and you can re-purpose the IPA by filtering, to increase the mileage on these things, but I suggest getting a 5 to 10 litre container of IPA, which will set you back around 30 to 50 EURs depending on your source. Along with another 30 to 50 EURs for disposable gloves, containers, safety glasses, replacement FEP sheets, PTFE spray, kitchen tissue etc.

Anycubic Photon Mono 4K + Wash&Cure 2.0 Anycubic Photon Mono X 4K + Wash & Cure 2.0 3d Print - FEP Replacement

This adds another 450 EURs for the hardware to our initial 115 EUR buy-in for bases and STLS. Intermediate project costs: 565 EUR.