Old West – Converting the General Purpose Wagon

You might have read the article on the General Purpose Wagon by Great Escape Games last week, and as I mentioned among the last few sentences, I got a few more of the sprues for further kitbashing and conversions.

Old West - Converting the General Purpose Wagon

Being highly motivated to produce progress on this setting by Red Dead Redemption 2, as mentioned in an earlier post, I started the last save game and took a few pictures of the wagons in the game. Some were broken down, others filled with goods and personal objects, and all of them provided inspiration for some modification based upon the plastic kit.


Warmaster – Dukedom of Gisoreux Pt 2

We talked about the framework of this project, the Dukedom of Gisoreux, Bretonnians for Warmaster and now have to move on to the next steps, and that would be 3d printing at home.

Warmaster - Dukedom of Gisoreux

How to approach this? I've talked about my start into 3d printing last year, and to be fair, you have to be honest about the costs as there is a lot of eye washing happening online. As mentioned earlier we have 115 EUR costs already for bases and STL files. What did the hardware and "consumable" cost for a start?

My resin printer is an Anycubic Photon Mono 4K (RRP of 260 EUR, but mostly on sale for 200 EUR). There are larger and newer generations available, but these cost quite a bit more. I think this is a reasonable choice to dip your toe into 3d printing. I got myself a bundle with the Wash & Cure 2.0 and a litre of resin for a total of 350 EUR. The litre would be sufficient to print the list of miniatures I wrote up earlier. But that is not all you need to start printing, as you will have some consumable items, like IPA, some safety gear etc. to clean up and further process your prints. Yes, you can do without the cure and wash, some sealable containers and you can re-purpose the IPA by filtering, to increase the mileage on these things, but I suggest getting a 5 to 10 litre container of IPA, which will set you back around 30 to 50 EURs depending on your source. Along with another 30 to 50 EURs for disposable gloves, containers, safety glasses, replacement FEP sheets, PTFE spray, kitchen tissue etc.

Anycubic Photon Mono 4K + Wash&Cure 2.0 Anycubic Photon Mono X 4K + Wash & Cure 2.0 3d Print - FEP Replacement

This adds another 450 EURs for the hardware to our initial 115 EUR buy-in for bases and STLS. Intermediate project costs: 565 EUR.


July 2023 review

I am very excited about August, for multiple reasons. This weekend we will be heading to Nottingham, for Bring out your Lead 2023!

Bring out your Lead

It is an open gaming weekend, a celebration of all things Oldhammer for which Wargames Foundry will provide once more the venue. BOYL gathers once a year to host narrative games using old rules and miniatures. And that was reason for us to visit this event for the first time and pay the Lead Belt another visit.


Warmaster – Dukedom of Gisoreux Pt 1

After we have decided for a conflict, the Dark Conspiracy, with the Lizardmen retreaving stolen artefacts by the Bretonnians, it is start to build an army.

Warmaster - Bretonnia and Lizardmen

Our aim for the armies is 3,000 Points per side, beginning with the Dukedom of Gisoreux.


Cruel Seas – Royal Navy Flotilla

To counter the Kriegsmarine in Cruel Seas, we have a flotilla of the Royal Navy. This would be themed around the English Channel and North Sea, to cover the battles between the German and British vessels in those areas. Again, this is meant to be used as a stand-alone as well as combined with Blood Red Skies and Bolt Action, or other world war 2 systems for campaign games.

I am not even fixed on Cruel Seas for this one, I played Action Stations at CONflict and would be fine, using that as well.

Cruel Seas - Royal Navy

For the names of the vessels, it is a bit different as it depends on the size or class of the ship, if it has just a number or a name. Wikipedia is quite helpful here, as they provide a proper overview.


Cruel Seas – Kriegsmarine Flotilla

So, here I am with my Kriegsmarine Flotilla for Cruel Seas. Next step would be painting the ships. Therefore I researched camouflage and denominations for those models.

Cruel Seas - Kriegsmarine

With the German Navy it was not custom to give boats names. Some crews gave their ships inofficial names, but those were never documented in the navy records. The policy to name ship classes after the first boat of that class, was first used after the war and introduced by the Bundesmarine (the navy of the Federal German Republic). Sweeping boats didn't originally carry the class names listed on pages like wikipedia and such. A bit like with Hetzer for the Jagdpz. 38t.


Converting the Middle East Houses

A while back I've covered the Middle Eastern Houses in a review, and with a second box of these, I began tinkering. A bit of cutting, a bit of filling and re-arranging.

The first batch looked like this, incl. the general mud house available from Renedra as well.

Renedra - Middle East Two-Storey Houses

So I grabbed myself the stack of sprues, and played around a bit.

Renedra - Middle East Two-Storey Houses


Necromunda – Guild Hall Pt. 2

We left of with the Guild Hall at this stage, but I had the chance to continue the build. I did some mock up drawing about the direction that I wanted to go for. And it was clear, I needed some additional parts.

Necromunda - Guild Hall Necromunda - Guild Hall

I tinkered about a roof in the first post, but first of all I needed to create the supporting structure for that. I went through my terrain sprues and gathered the toppers and need at least 3/4th of a circle to close this. But as they are raised to have a pin for the second floor, I needed to cut those down. I did that using my hobby saw and to strengthen the octagon even further, I glued in some struts, that I repurposed from larger sprues / frames.


Adeptus Titanicus – Legio Magna Furor Hereticus Pt. I

As an antagonist for my Legio Astraman and their Ad Arma project, I want to introduce Legio Magna and their own army project - Furor Hereticus!

Inspired by AuxiliaryMirelurk's home brew legio of possessed titans, I looked further into the lore of Legio Magna and decided that a few mutations would be a great way to add something special to this project. And when Games Workshop kindly send me the Wrath of the Soul Forge King boxed set, with Vashtorr the Arkifane and a few other Chaos Space Marine sets (like the Venomcrawler and Obliterators), I had to tinker around.

Warhammer 40,000 - Wrath of the Soul Forge King Adeptus Titanicus - Reaver vs. Vashtorr

Vashtorr himself is already a great part donor for reaver sized titans. The groin armour fits perfectly on a reaver, the head is a bit small, so might be more fitting for a warhound or larger Knights, but the wings would make a great trait for some swift mutations.


Chaosbunker – Hobbypaints


A full 48 colours covering paint range (that will be further expanded to cover the whole Pantone Formula Guide). Because if everybody offers relabelled paint pots, why shouldn't we? And the best part - it is not even crowdfunded. Yet, every batch is hand mixed by the painting baristas, so each and every pot is unique and may vary a bit from the last one.

Chaosbunker - Hobbypaints