Road to CONflict – Part V

In the last step, we assembled the tanks for our demo table, and are now about to paint five armoured vehicles for our game of tank battles and the Road to CONflict.

Road to CONflict - Part III

Obviously we start with a primer, and as usual black coat with a with dusting on top. Makes it much easier to see details during painting and the white colour is a bit more coarse, giving you a better grip for your paints.


Road to CONflict – Part IV

Well, we already printed some items for the stowage of the tanks in the last part of Road to CONflict, and this time we're going for a bit of terrain, scatter terrain and markers to be precisely, and we got ourself some STL files on MyMinifactory from ImitationofLife.

Road to CONflict - Part IV Road to CONflict - Part IV

We printed up about half a dozend medium sized scatter and a lot of mines to cover a flexibel area, close parts of the table or create zones to guide the flow of the game, without being fixed to a terrain module in the future. In detail I used the following files:


Road to CONflict – Part III

The tanks for Road to CONflict were built, all Warlord Games tank kits, 4 Shermans (one of which was a Firefly) and a Hellcat (this is the Italeri model produced for Warlord Games).

Road to CONflict - Part II

Next up would be to modify these tanks and add lots and lots of bits and pieces to them, to make them fit the post-apocalyptic setting. I used various regular plastic and metal bits, as well as 3d printed items. I will link the 3d printed items below, a great source was Imitation of Life, who offers a lot of items that are Fallout and Necromunda themed, so a great addition for this project.


Road to CONflict – Part II

The Achtung Panzer! Blood & Steel starter set arrived, once again thank very much toward Warlord Games Germany for sending us the boxed set, it will receive a review of its own, but that meant I could start building further tanks for our Road to CONflict 2024.

Warlord Games - Bolt Action Achtung Panzer! Warlord Games - Bolt Action Achtung Panzer!

Beside all of the rules and lots and lots of tokens, the Blood & Steel starter set covers German and British tanks, Panther and Shermans to be precisely. As we were going for a cold war gone hot scenario, I would only make use of the Shermans (yes, I know the Firefly was build in Woolwich, Hayes, Radcliffe und Nottingham, and not in one of the 10 American or the one Canadian factories) and keep the Panthers for different purposes.


Horus Heresy – Building the Solar Auxilia Battle Group

Here we are, I did the reviews on the contents of the Solar Auxilia Battle Group as you have seen, and now used some of the spare hobby time to assemble the remaining miniatures.

Horus Heresy - Solar Auxilia Horus Heresy - Solar Auxilia Horus Heresy - Solar Auxilia

It is a bit bland, as there are some issues with the assembly instructions and limitation of options. You simply build them as they come, so I finished up the remaining regular rank & file troops, along with a second trio for the command, so I can use them as two sections (and will probably need some spares in case I want to play them as larger units).


Age of Sigmar Warcry – Stormbringer Exclusive Stormcast Eternals Praetor Prime

A special miniature that came with the last Stormbringer shipment is the limited release or exclusive to the magazine Praetor Prime, and was released with issue number 04.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Issue 05

A prime of any Stormcast Eternals unit is their champion and as such this Praetor Prime is not a named character (unfortunately), but the champion of the unit if Praetors coming with issue number 15 in April 2024.


Blood Bowl – High Elves Team Part 1

We gave you an introduction on the stock for 3rd edition Blood Bowl High Elves and now it is time to muster a team for the Chaosbunker Blood Bowl League (CBL). We did it similar in the article on the Chaos-Team, with the fitting name "for the love of the game", and we will do the same now for the team from Ulthuan.

Unlike the chaos team, I don't need to strip the miniatures. They are cleaned, based and primed and basically ready to get painted. But that's the current problem - decisions over decisions on team names and colours.

Blood Bowl - High Elves Blood Bowl - High Elves


Blood Bowl – 1994s High Elves Galadrieth Gladiators Team

The Mordheim Marauders qualified their franchise for the participation in the Chaosbunker Blood Bowl League (CBL), now it is time to see who Elves ... pardon, who else will join.

Chaosbunker Blood Bowl League

Next up is a team of High Elves and we're going to give you an introduction, just like we did with the 1994 Chaos All-Stars Team.


Age of Sigmar Stormbringer – Kruleboyz Warcry Warband

We did it once - we do it again. Building a Warcry warband from the Stormbringer Magazine contents. As we started with the Stormcasts Eternals miniatures from the first three issues, we now build a small warband from the Kruleboyz from the same batch.

For this we need issue #01 and #02 from Stormbringer, covering a hero and a pack of 10 gutrippaz. And to build the Warcry warband, we need the Harbinger of Destruction PDF, where the rules for the Kruleboyz are included.

Age of Sigmar Stormbringer - Kruleboyz Warcry Warband


Age of Sigmar Stormbringer – Warcry Stormcast Warband

As mentioned in the last article, we're building a Stormcast Warcry warband from the Stormbringer Magazine content and we're already able to muster a small one with the first few issues (actually two, if you use the Kruleboyz as well).

With the content of issue #1 and #3, we have six miniatures and we're going to build Vindictors and the Knight Arcanum. The instructions are included in the booklets, all models are push-fit (but I'd recommend using glue) and come with 40mm round bases.

Age of Sigmar Stormbringer - Warcry Stormcast Warband