Warhammer 40,000 – Dark Angels Grand Master of the Deathwing Belial

Last year Supreme Grand Master Azrael got the Primaris update and Lion El'Jonson returned to the 40th millenium as well. This year with the new Dark Angels codex and a fitting Deathwing themed box, Deathwing Assault, the Grand Master of the Deathwing, Belial returns with an updated model.

The old model was released in 2013 as a finecast (a spin cast resin used by Games Workshop to substitute metal, when the raw material gow more expensive and the updated their process in production) kit and among the taller heroes when it was released. Now it is time for another increase in size, to fit with the new larger Indomitus Terminators.

Warhammer 40,000 - Grand Master of the Deathwing Belial


Warhammer 40,000 – Deathwing Assault

The 1st Legion returns with their updated 1st company, the Deathwing Terminators under the command of Belial. While we already had a rather Deathwing heavy boxed set last year with Wrath of the Soul Forge King, bringing a lot of the 2013s Dark Angels Terminator sprues into circulation once again - only to be completely out of scale with the release of the new Terminator models of Leviathan - now the updated and upscaled Deathwing Knights are part of the Deathwing Assault, which we're going to take a look into today.

Warhammer 40,000 - Deathwing Assault Warhammer 40,000 - Deathwing Assault

Deathwing Assault is a themed army boxed set, covering a battle force of Dark Angels (or its successor chapters) 1st company Terminators, including Belial as a character and the current rules, covering the Codex Supplement and Data Cards for the Dark Angels as well.


Warhammer Merchandise – Koyo Pins

Koyo announced their new series of Warhammer faction pins and to take a closer look, the send us a few of their current Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2nd series.

Koyo - Warhammer Age of Sigmar Mystery Faction Pin Series 2

The pins are 4,95 GBP / 5,95 EUR and come in blind packs. Each series has 12 regular silver pins and a special golden one. Each icon covers one faction.


Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team – Salvation

With Salvation the next season of Kill Team starts, leaving Gallowdark behind and opening up something new. And with the new season, a few things have changed. The big boxes were split, so you have now a separate Killzone: Bheta-Decima box with the terrain features, and in this case the Salvation boxed set for the two Kill Teams, in this case Space Marine Scouts and Aeldari Striking Scorpions, as the new season focuses more on spec ops and infiltration.

None of the boxes are stand-alones, you will still need the Core Rulebook to play. The lite rules are free to download on Warhammer Community. Anyhow, today we're just looking at the Salvation boxed set.

Warhammer 40000 - Kill Team Salvation Warhammer 40000 - Kill Team Salvation


Da Red Gobbo Surprise and Grotmas Gitz

This year Games Workshop offers two Christmas miniatures, that are available until January 8th of 2024. In addition to Da Red Gobbo himself, as Da Red Gobbos Surprise in its 2023 iteration, we get a kind of Bad Santa variant to him, the Grotmas Gitz.

Da Red Gobbo Surprise Da Red Gobbo Surprise Da Red Gobbo Surprise

2023 - Grotmas Gitz  2023 - Grotmas Gitz 2023 - Grotmas Gitz

Both are 32,50 EUR / 25 GBP and have rules for the use in Warhammer 40,000 as well as Age of Sigmar, as downloads for free. But what is the story behind Da Red Gobbo?


Warhammer The Horus Heresy – Legions Imperialis – Preview

The announcement we have all been waiting for is finally here and only weeks seperate us now from the release of The Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis, 30k combat in an epic scale! Pre-Order is going live on Saturday 18th (usually 10 am in your local time zone, for Europe it's 11 am) and the delivery is set for two weeks after that, on December 2nd.

Warhammer The Horus Heresy - Legions Imperialis

We're still in the embargo window on the coverage, but we're very excited for the upcoming weeks and have a lot of content prepared.


Horus Heresy – Legiones Astartes Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought

With the Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought, the third Dreadnought pattern after Leviathan and Contemptor made its transition from a resin kit towards plastic for the Horus Heresy range.

Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes Deredeo Pattern Dreadnought

Beginning with the second edition of Warhammer 40k / post-Rogue Trader era, the classic pattern we know as a dreadnought is classified as Castraferrum Pattern Mark V Dreadnought, with the variants that were released by Forge World as Mark IV with slightly slender / less bulky proportions.


Horus Heresy – Legiones Astartes MKIII Tactical Squad

Part of the Legiones Astartes Battle Group are the Space Marines in the new Mark III Power Armour. Available as a tactical squad as well, and compatible with the various weapon options already released. We will cover the Special Weapons Upgrades in this review along with the new models.

Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes Battle Group Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes Mk 3 Power Armour Space Marines Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes Mk 3 Power Armour Space Marines

The Space Marines in Mk III are currently available as a Tactical Squad of 20 with a retail of 60 EUR or as part of the Battle Group, for 160 EUR with 30 Marines, a Dreadnought and Land Raider. These are no repacks of the Burning of Prospero release from 2016, but entirely new miniatures.


Horus Heresy – Legiones Astartes Battle Group

This new Legiones Astartes Battle Group brings not only the new Mk III power armoured Space Marines into battles of the Horus Heresy, but a new Dreadnought pattern, the Deredeo released as a plastic kit.

Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes Battle Group Horus Heresy - Legiones Astartes Battle Group

A bit smaller than the Age of Darkness boxed set, this Battle Group makes a great starting point for a Horus Heresy project, if the Beakies / Mk VI Marines weren't your cup of tea. And if you ask me, some Legions just have to wear Mark III armour, like the Death Guard or Imperial Fists.


Warhammer World 2023 – Exhibition Centre Part 3

And the third part of our coverage on the 2023 visits to the Warhammer World exhibition, focusing on the 40,000 part of Warhammer, including the gigantic centre piece of the exhibit further below.

Imperial Might

A huge mustering of the Imperial Guard. This has been in the exhibition since 2015, and can be seen in our 2018 and 2020 coverage, but is updated from time to time, to include newer units. For example the tanks in the front rows have been replaced by the Rogal Dorn Tanks. This time I paid more attention to the background and I really like scratch build supply train in the background, as well as the modified Valkyrie using the wings and eagle from the Aquila Strongpoint of the Wall of Martyrs kit (rare kit and OOP).

Games Workshop – Warhammer World Exhibition Centre Games Workshop – Warhammer World Exhibition Centre Games Workshop – Warhammer World Exhibition Centre Games Workshop – Warhammer World Exhibition Centre Games Workshop – Warhammer World Exhibition Centre