Korean BBQ Style Pulled Pork

From time to time, I do a bit of cooking, as you might have seen here and as I mentioned in my article on my parental leave. I posted the result of this on my Instagram and was asked to share the recipe, and I'll do so in the following lines.

I made pulled pork in a Korean BBQ inspired way, along with a asian salad.

Korean BBQ Style Pulled Pork

First of all it is important to have access to the proper meat to begin with. We have a local butcher, Westerwald Fleischerei, who locally sources his meat, butchers and distributes it himself. I got an assortment of different ribs and sausages, along with a portion of pork butt (which is not actually part of the pigs behind, but from the neck or shoulder area).

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Christmas Dinner Beef Wellington

How do introduce this article? Some of the regulars may be aware of the food and cooking content on here, (like last christmas' Pulled Turkey, or home made fried chicken) and I stumbled across a recipe from Spiegel Online (yeah, a bit weird, but hey you're on a Wargaming Blog reading about food, so don't judge me) on Veggie Christmas Dinner. I liked the idea of the puff pastry dish and talked with my mom about a potential christmas dinner (and she suggested Pork Wellington). So with Wellington although being the capital of New Zealand, and reminding me of my trip in the late summer, I was ready to go.

Beef Wellington


Bitbox Teaser & Preview

Next sunday, on march 20th, it is once again time for Bitbox! The tabletop flea market in the Ruhr-area.

I am already sorting out miniatures and kits, that i want to part from, and to give you a small teaser and what i am going to sell, take a look at these.

Bitbox Teaser Bitbox Teaser Bitbox Teaser


Pulled Turkey for Christmas Eve

This is a bit offtopic, but most of our fellow wargamers enjoy a proper meal - and so do i. Maybe you saw my thanksgiving burgers, and i liked the meat, so i cooked it again for christmas this time.

As this was a meal for the whole family (and calculating the leftover for the following days), i started with 2 Kg or roughly 4,5 lbs of turkey breast. Got it at my local butcher, thanks to butcher's Dietz for the easy and reliable service!

Picked it up on monday, the 21st of december.

Pulled Turkey

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Star Wars, Bolt Thrower and Spiel

A big update, date wise, a view back on more than 4 weeks of activity.

I did a bit of house sitting and beside of binge watching a couple of tv series, i did some painting with the Vallejo Black Uniform Set from AK Interactive. Strong PIP.

StarWars PIP Color Pack