Enjoying parental leave

I'm currently taking a parental leave of around 2 months (if you count in the two weeks "pre-arrival" vacation, it's even longer) and that gives me a lot of time to spend with my new-born daughter. It is quite overwhelming, satisfying and exhausting, everything at the same time. She sleeps a lot and I spend that time to support my wife (who is doing an amazing job on being a mother), cooking and trying out some new recipes, as well as of course enjoying a bit more time than usual in my "hobby den".

Our baby carrier arrived this weekend and but we waited to put into use until today, with the help of our midwife, to make sure we do nothing wrong. And what can I say, having to free arms / hands is a game changer. I tell you, eating gets a lot more difficult if you only have one free hand and it's even more difficult if it is your off-hand. The little one loves the proximity and some of the basic stuff I can do with here in front of me. But I'm covering all the parental things on Little Big Adventures (in German).

Player3 in Baby Carrier

So what am I currently tinkering about? Well, last Sunday Daniel / Dino (freshly baked dad himself) dropped by, we talked about his upcoming Konflikt '47 Italy army and what possibilities for conversions are in the room. I can tell you, quite a lot. But he'll cover that in separate articles. I took a break or better said interruption from the dominantly historic ww2 reviews, from those Tigers, Hetzers and Marders. I do like those kits and they are fun to build, but a bit more variation is a healthy thing to do, I added a bit of fantasy and sci-fi in there, along with different historical epochs.

Currently I'm preparing two more Landsknecht Reviews, of the kits with the Zweihänder and Missile troops. I have a few metal blisters laying around and as I'm going to base them generic for among other systems SAGA, I'm taking a look on what I can achieve with a medium to large skirmish troop. And they should be compatible into the larger areas of my WotR/GoT project. But more on that later.

Pike & Shotte - Hero Bases Pike & Shotte - Landsknechts Warlord Games - Pike & Shotte Landsknechts with Zweihänders

As for non-historic projects, I did a series on Shadespire and the several warband expansions, and currently I have three terrain kits on my table. The Basilica, that is already done and a solid number of pictures were taken, and the two Kill Zone Sector upgrades, Mechanicum and Munitorum. Solid boxes, quite the bargain with all the sprues.

Warhammer 40,000 - Imperial Sector Basilicanum Warhammer 40,000 - Imperial Sector Basilicanum
Warhammer 40.000 - Killzone Sector Munitorum Warhammer 40.000 - Killzone Sector Mechanicus
Warhammer 40.000 - Killzone Sector Mechanicus Warhammer 40.000 - Killzone Sector Mechanicus Warhammer 40.000 - Killzone Sector Munitorum

And I'm writing on an article on converting the Winter Germans into Sci-Fi troops, as well as doing the inventory of my Inq28 / Necromunda collection. You have to be aware of what you own.

INQ28 - Personae Bolt Action Winter Germans Longcoat Conversions

As I'm the cook in our household, and currently very often at home, I have the time to give it a go in the kitchen above the regular "just-feed-the-hunger" cooking. Box pictures are a thing, people showing of what they bought. Well, we have a WMF outlet centre in the city and I got myself some new tools, two new pans and a solid and very sharp knife.

WMF Beef Silit Pan and Knife

Especially in the waiting-period before our daughter was born, I had time to kill to get my head of the impatience. So I did Tacos, Lasagna, filet with potatoes, swabian styled pasta pockets (Maultaschen!) and some other dishes. Thanks to the never ending inspiration by Youtube Channels like Binging with Babish or Munchies.

Taco Wraps Taco Lasagna Maultaschenpfanne Pork Filet with Potatoes Dry Rub Ribs

One of the side effects of becoming a dad is that not only the new-born gets presents, but dads do so too. So my sister got me a couple of brews. I have to say, that Goose 312 is one tasty wheat ale, easily in my top five list. In addition I went to Getraenke Paradies in Rennerod, neat palette of german craft beers, really looking forward to taste them in the upcoming weeks.

Craft Beer from the Netherlands Craft beers

If you like my choice of food and drinks in combination with some wargaming and travelling, follow me on Instagram.

What else? Well, in a few days is Warhammer Fest, maybe I'll some of you there? I'm really looking forward to go there, as Games Days weren't around the last years, Salute is already 3 months past and Crisis is still 3 months ahead. That's it so far, have a great start into the week and enjoy live 🙂

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