The Barons War – Outremer arrived

I backed the first Barons War Kickstarter back in 2019, and last year I went for the big pledge in the Outremer campaign, their 4th Barons War crowdfunding.

There were two motivations for me to do that, the first was this would grant me a second force for my Crusade themed project and I'd finale have the chance to have a personal sculpt done, and in this case even by Paul Hicks himself.

Barons War - Outremer Kickstarter Pledge

And the miniatures arrived in two batches. The first covering my unique sculpt and some bonus content (shown further below) and the second one was my main pledge, covering the Antagonist set of miniatures and a few additional codes, that I went for.


Moors of Iberia – Camel Cavalry

With the majority of the moors being ordered from the Outremer Kickstarter, it is time to look at what I am missing. As I mentioned in the article, I wanted a cavalry unit to stand out, and of my ideas was to use camels instead of horses.

Why camels? Well, obviously something different than regular horses. As the Moors in Iberia, especially the ones in the set time frame of this project (Almoravids and Almohads) were Berber Dynasties. And as an old time Age of Empires fan, Berber Camel riders. Yet, there are only a few miniatures out there, and to put it mildly, they are not the best looking. As camel riders weren't part of the Kickstarter I had to look elsewhere and so I did.

As the majority of my Crusader miniatures are Perry sculpts, I looked up their store. Unfortunately their Crusader Arabs didn't cover camels either ... but other ranges did. For example the Sudan range, had these interesting looking Beja warriors on camels.

Perry Miniatures - SA13 Mounted Beja on camels with spears and sword Perry Miniatures - SA14 Mounted Beja on camels with rifles

The Sudan range even had interesting riders to replace the Beja, the Baggara in different variants, with long robes and fitting head gear. But I went for the MA15 Bedouin Command and MA16 Bedouin Cavalry. The miniatures come with separate mounts and riders, so good baseline for a conversion.


The Barons War 4 – Outremer (The Crusader States)

Almost 800 backers support the of Barons War Outremer campaign and pledged nearly 95,000 GBP towards this goal.

Barons War - Outremer

So, why did I participate in this campaign? I talked about it here - Spanish Crusaders vs. Moors. I am looking for miniatures for the Moors on the Iberian Peninsular, even though as the Muslim Warriors of this campaign aren't a 100% perfect fit (being more about the Ayyubid of the Middle Eastern regions and not Almoravid or Almohad of Northern Africa / conquered souther Spain), but should still be "generic" enough, to make it work with some minor tweaks here and there.


Spanish Crusaders vs Moors

In February a new Baron's War supplement or rather stand-alone was announced, named Outremer covering the Crusades. And with the range being sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks, I did take interest in that and went on with my decision covering some parts of my collection.

A while ago, I set up a Crusader force based around the Perry Miniatures former Norman range (now sold as crusaders), to build up an army around the Spanish and their fight to reconquer the Iberian peninsular. While I was thinking of which projects I would cease, these were of an unsure status. I didn't have the enemy force for them, and with them being initially thought to be used for Saga, I would like to open up the stock for Rampant and other mid-sized battle systems as well. In the end, as I want and need to reduce my stock, the Ancient warbands of Romans, Iberians and Germans would have to go.

The initial build was aimed at around 6 points of Saga, with a bit of side board. They are mostly build, and even partially base coloured. I added a bit more cavalry to cover a few templars of a Knight Order and build some characters.

SAGA Crescent & Cross - Spaniards Perry Miniatures - Spanish Crusaders SAGA - Spanish Crusaders Crossbows


February 2022 review

Welcome to March and let's take a look back on February. We're going to keep it strictly wargames related.

I continuted my work on my Chaos Blood Bowl team, the Mordheim Marauders. I'm currently preparing part 3 and in the middle of step 3 (partially done the highlights from that phase and a clean up of the bases). Guess another week or so, and I should have them finished. Already eyeing on the project after that.

Blood Bowl - Mordheim Marauders


I’ve ordered at Warb … Dark Peak … forget it, I bought Footsore Miniatures

After a name and brand bickering, that I first thought was an April fools joke, Footsore Miniatures - who took over Musketeer Miniatures back in the day, came back to their name. With Gangs of Rome, they went with the name of Warbanner and recently Games Workshop got in touch with them, as Warbanner would be to similar to Warhammer, and therefore not be used in wargaming to promote miniatures. As that would be a fight nobody could win in the business, they complied and renamed themself to Dark Peak Games, just to receive another letter by Peak games, that that name was off limit. So they went back to Footsore.

As I said, I thought that this was an April fools joke, if you'd wrote this as a story line, readers would tell you that its absolutely ridicolous.

Footsore adds a special miniature to their orders, if you place an order of 20 GBP or more. That model changes every month or two and I put up an order last month.

Footsore Miniatures - Parcel Footsore Miniatures - Parcel Footsore Miniatures - Parcel


Crusader Carts

Inspired by the SAGA Scenario "The Escort", i'm looking for something that would make a good baggage train for my spanish Crusaders. As I already used miniatures from the Perry Crusader range, I thought it made sense to look at their range again for the additional baggage train / wagons.

Unfortunately, they don't have specific ones for the crusades, but others from the War of the Roses range. I'm not a specialist on these, so which would fit an early middle ages, around 1.000 - 1.200 A.D.? They have a few, between 11 and 21 pound to offer.

Perry Miniatures - War of the Roses carts and wagons Perry Miniatures - War of the Roses carts and wagons Perry Miniatures - War of the Roses carts and wagons Perry Miniatures - War of the Roses carts and wagons


More Mars Attacks and Spaniards

Mid of the january we continued our painting projects. Flo on his - now enlarged - Mars Attacks collection, and i continued on the spaniards. I've added a few pilgrims as another 1 point selection to my crusaders. Those are perry miniatures codes CU26 and CU27.

Malkränzchen Malkränzchen Spanish Pilgrim


Spanish Souvenirs

My parents were visiting "the Motherland" (in my case Spain - not to be mixed up with "the Fatherland", Germany) 😀 and as the great parents they are (the supported the beginnings of my now 20 years of wargaming madness), they brought along some items i asked for - and some i didn't even thought about asking for.

So beside some delicious sweets and candies (i have a soft spot for oreos), i got a estela de barros / stela that i wanted for the living room, along with a book about the secrets of Cantabria. My father even got me a spanish wargaming magazine (you just know me to well :D). The magazine is called Desperta Ferro! (Awake Iron), which is an medieval catalan battle cry used by the Almogavars.

Desperta Ferro


Spanish Crusaders

I introduced the spanish Crusaders a while ago. And i want to share the current status with you. The bases were prepared with spackle, pva and sand.

SAGA Spanish Crusaders