Spanish Souvenirs

My parents were visiting "the Motherland" (in my case Spain - not to be mixed up with "the Fatherland", Germany) ūüėÄ and as the great parents they are (the supported the beginnings of my now 20 years of wargaming madness), they brought along some items i asked for - and some i didn't even thought about asking for.

So beside some delicious sweets and candies (i have a soft spot for oreos), i got a estela de barros / stela that i wanted for the living room, along with a book about the secrets of Cantabria. My father even got me a spanish wargaming magazine (you just know me to well :D). The magazine is called Desperta Ferro! (Awake Iron), which is an medieval catalan battle cry used by the Almogavars.

Desperta Ferro

It feels a lot like a localised / spanish version of Karwansaray Publishers magazines. And a short chat with Jasper, owner and head of Karwansaray, confirmed that there was a cooperation in the beginning. I hope they pick that up again, as the topics of spanish civil war and rif war / colonial wars are quite interesting. A brief teaser of the contents.

Desperta Ferro Desperta Ferro

They even have two free samples you can download.

To stay with the spanish topic. As i recently parted with my Ancient Spaniards in 15mm for Field of Glory, i was thinking, that they might pick them up in 28mm, perhaps for Saga. The big question, what miniatures am i going to use? And while i was researching, i realised how early the Celto-Iberian / Ancient spaniards were, and that it is way off from a semi-historical setting with the Dark Ages (and by far from the Crusades). The Dark Ages, depending on where you start counting begin 600 A.D., the age of the ancient spaniards / Cantabrians goes from ~500 B.C. until they were conquered by the romans and later ousted by the visigoths (in the 5th century A.D.).

Currently only Renegade Miniatures, A&A Miniatures and Wargames Foundry offer miniatures - in a very limited way for ancient spaniards - mostly as mercenaries for the punic wars. Victrix is preparing a plastic box. Well, we will see and i'll have to wait. In the mean time, i'll continue working on my spanish crusaders.

SAGA Spanish Crusaders SAGA Spanish Crusaders SAGA Spanish Crusaders

I am continuing with the base colors and started painting the horses. There is a great guide on painting horses in one of the older White Dwarfs, the english issue #199 an 'Eavy Metal Masterclass by none other than Mike McVey goes into detail on that topic. Games Workshop used to offer that part as a download from their homepage, but somebody uploaded it to Scribd.

Thanks a lot for reading, come by again soon and leave a comment if you like this blog!

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