Star Wars Legion – Crashed X-Wing

We are going to take a deep dive into Star Wars for a few weeks and we start with the SWL 1000 - Crashed Ex-Wing Battlefield Expansion for Star Wars Legion.

Star Wars Legions - Battlfield Expansion Crashed X-Wing Star Wars Legions - Battlfield Expansion Crashed X-Wing

Along with the regular units, Asmodee / Atomic Mass Games released supplements for the game that not just worked as terrain pieces, but covered rules like scenarios and additional gaming material to it. In this case the crashed X-Wing isn't alone, but comes with a female pilot, which doubles as a mission objective.


Marvel Crisis Protocol – Earth’s Mightiest Core Set Terrain

We showed you in the unboxing the content of Earth's Mightiest core set, and a second article covering for the characters for Marvel Crisis Protocol. In todays third and final part of the reviews on the core set, we will take a closer look upon the terrain.

Marvel Crisis Protocol - Earth's Mightiest Core Set Terrain

As you can see from the overview on the box, there is quite a bit of terrain in there. And the stack of sprues, is satisfying to look at as well.


GrimDarkTerrain – Imperial Palace Ruins

What a journey GrimDarkTerrain has taken. Back in 2019 I stumbled upon an instagram post, and now 4 years later there is a full range of STL files to choose from. The entire range was designed with Adeptus Titanicus in mind, and we had multiple buildings in use during our Battle for Uulda campaign weekend.

But with the release of Legions Imperialis, the releases of September, October and December 2023 are very interesting and deserve a closer look. Especially after we pointed out, what we need for a start.

GrimDarkTerrain - Imperial Palace Ruins GrimDarkTerrain - Imperial Palace Ruins GrimDarkTerrain - Imperial Palace Ruins

GrimDarkTerrain has various ranges, the Imperial Palace is really self explaining, with Aeolus for air fields, Ares for fortifications, Argos for bunkers and turrets, Mytelene for fortresses, Olympus Mons for Mechanicum terrain and Pyraeus for supply and infrastructure.


Legions Imperialis – Let us build a city

After providing an overview on the Civitas Imperialis range by Games Workshop we want to take a look into how terrain works in Legions Imperialis, what we need and what might have changed in comparison to for example Adeptus Titanicus.

Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Civitas Imperialis

The most obvious difference is, that the eye-level of the units has changed. While in Titanicus you have maniples of Titans, and you need buildings tall enough to provide cover for these huge machines, this gets much closer to ground with Legions Imperialis.


Legions Imperialis – Civitas Imperialis Capitol

On Warhammer Community they showed a new diorama in Legions Imperialis scale that is exhibited at Warhammer World. And one of the center pieces is this capitol building, that caught the eye of many.

Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Capitol Imperialis


Legions Imperialis – Civitas Imperialis

Terrain worth fighting over. This is something Games Workshop has provided with the Civitas Imperialis range already for Adeptus Titanicus and they are picking this up again for Legions Imperialis. I did reviews on these back in the day, the sprues are back and they have a lot of option.

Horus Heresy Legions Imperialis - Civitas Imperialis

The idea of this article is to give you an overview, what they contain as they are very similar named and a deal on the first sight, might not be that much of bargain once you had time to compare.


Star Wars Shatterpoint – Take Cover Terrain Pack

The second terrain set for Star Wars Shatterpoint after the High Ground set is the more compact Take Cover Terrain Pack.

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Take Cover Terrain Pack Star Wars Shatterpoint - Take Cover Terrain Pack

To classifiy Shatterpoint within the Star Wars miniatures games, as a 40mm scale skirmish it is a bit taller than the platoon level 1:48 / 32-35mm scale of Star Wars Legions. And as such creates the need for a different kind of terrain, as you only have about 8 models per side on the table and not entire units as well as vehicles.


Star Wars Shatterpoint – High Ground Terrain Pack

"It's over, Anakin. I have the high ground." - This is what Obi-Wan said to Anakin Skywalker in Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith, and that is name patron for the Star Wars Shatterpoint High Ground Terrain Pack. And it is a proper palette cleanser after some weeks in the epic scale to move towards terrain and something bigger than 10mm.

Star Wars Shatterpoint - High Ground Terrain Pack Star Wars Shatterpoint - High Ground Terrain Pack

To give you a brief introduction, Star Wars is one of the IP that Asmodee holds and offers various games within the Star Wars universe. While X-Wing or Armada are clearly different, what is the difference between Star Wars Legions and Star Wars Shatterpoint? Legions is a platoon based game, giving you a small to mid-size army, including troops and vehicles in 1:48 scale (~35mm scale) with realistic proportions and Shatterpoint is even bigger than that, going for 40mm scale with more overdrawn, cartoonish proportions, but reducing the scope of the game towards a skirmish with about 6 to 8 models per side.


Great Escape Games – Old West Building

After tinkering around with the General Purpose Wagon, and further converting the kit, Great Escape got in touch with me and send me some sprues from their current Kickstarter campaign.

Great Escape Games - Old West Building

The crowdfunding campaign for Dead Man's Hand Redux is meant to finance a new starter set, covering plastic miniatures and terrain! And the later is something, that I noticed being hinted in the background of the product shots of the last few months. Please be aware, these are early test sprues, so things can change, parts can be tweaked and added, and what we see here might not be the final product.


Mortal Gods – Mystical Fountain

Those who are active in the german speaking tabletop forum will surely remember my ordeal with this fountain, but for all those who might not be able to speak german, I would like to summarize this little adventure again.

Since I was done with my Mortal Gods army, I had the ambitious idea to create a gaming table for Mortal Gods and what do you need for that? Right - a decent amount of terrain and preferably in keeping with the theme of the game. So I bought some nice fountains at Sarissa Precision, which were available in a pack of two, and assembled the more greek style one. In September 2022 I started to customize it a little bit.

Mortal Gods - Mystical Fountain