Star Wars Shatterpoint – Take Cover Terrain Pack

The second terrain set for Star Wars Shatterpoint after the High Ground set is the more compact Take Cover Terrain Pack.

Star Wars Shatterpoint - Take Cover Terrain Pack Star Wars Shatterpoint - Take Cover Terrain Pack

To classifiy Shatterpoint within the Star Wars miniatures games, as a 40mm scale skirmish it is a bit taller than the platoon level 1:48 / 32-35mm scale of Star Wars Legions. And as such creates the need for a different kind of terrain, as you only have about 8 models per side on the table and not entire units as well as vehicles.


Star Wars Shatterpoint – High Ground Terrain Pack

"It's over, Anakin. I have the high ground." - This is what Obi-Wan said to Anakin Skywalker in Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith, and that is name patron for the Star Wars Shatterpoint High Ground Terrain Pack. And it is a proper palette cleanser after some weeks in the epic scale to move towards terrain and something bigger than 10mm.

Star Wars Shatterpoint - High Ground Terrain Pack Star Wars Shatterpoint - High Ground Terrain Pack

To give you a brief introduction, Star Wars is one of the IP that Asmodee holds and offers various games within the Star Wars universe. While X-Wing or Armada are clearly different, what is the difference between Star Wars Legions and Star Wars Shatterpoint? Legions is a platoon based game, giving you a small to mid-size army, including troops and vehicles in 1:48 scale (~35mm scale) with realistic proportions and Shatterpoint is even bigger than that, going for 40mm scale with more overdrawn, cartoonish proportions, but reducing the scope of the game towards a skirmish with about 6 to 8 models per side.


Great Escape Games – Old West Building

After tinkering around with the General Purpose Wagon, and further converting the kit, Great Escape got in touch with me and send me some sprues from their current Kickstarter campaign.

Great Escape Games - Old West Building

The crowdfunding campaign for Dead Man's Hand Redux is meant to finance a new starter set, covering plastic miniatures and terrain! And the later is something, that I noticed being hinted in the background of the product shots of the last few months. Please be aware, these are early test sprues, so things can change, parts can be tweaked and added, and what we see here might not be the final product.


Mortal Gods – Mystical Fountain

Those who are active in the german speaking tabletop forum will surely remember my ordeal with this fountain, but for all those who might not be able to speak german, I would like to summarize this little adventure again.

Since I was done with my Mortal Gods army, I had the ambitious idea to create a gaming table for Mortal Gods and what do you need for that? Right - a decent amount of terrain and preferably in keeping with the theme of the game. So I bought some nice fountains at Sarissa Precision, which were available in a pack of two, and assembled the more greek style one. In September 2022 I started to customize it a little bit.

Mortal Gods - Mystical Fountain


Old West – Converting the General Purpose Wagon

You might have read the article on the General Purpose Wagon by Great Escape Games last week, and as I mentioned among the last few sentences, I got a few more of the sprues for further kitbashing and conversions.

Old West - Converting the General Purpose Wagon

Being highly motivated to produce progress on this setting by Red Dead Redemption 2, as mentioned in an earlier post, I started the last save game and took a few pictures of the wagons in the game. Some were broken down, others filled with goods and personal objects, and all of them provided inspiration for some modification based upon the plastic kit.


Great Escape Games – General Purpose Wagon

One of the items that I brought with me from our 2023 Nottingham tour as the new General Purpose Wagon by Great Escape Games. I picked it up at Northstar, as the complete set and another one with just the plain carriage, as an unhitched wagon.

This is a new hard plastic kit for the Dead Man's Hand range, they introduced a few weeks ago on their social media and as we had a stop planned at Northstar, I just the chance to get my hands on the two.

Great Escape Games - General Purpose Wagon


Converting the Middle East Houses

A while back I've covered the Middle Eastern Houses in a review, and with a second box of these, I began tinkering. A bit of cutting, a bit of filling and re-arranging.

The first batch looked like this, incl. the general mud house available from Renedra as well.

Renedra - Middle East Two-Storey Houses

So I grabbed myself the stack of sprues, and played around a bit.

Renedra - Middle East Two-Storey Houses


Necromunda – Guild Hall Pt. 2

We left of with the Guild Hall at this stage, but I had the chance to continue the build. I did some mock up drawing about the direction that I wanted to go for. And it was clear, I needed some additional parts.

Necromunda - Guild Hall Necromunda - Guild Hall

I tinkered about a roof in the first post, but first of all I needed to create the supporting structure for that. I went through my terrain sprues and gathered the toppers and need at least 3/4th of a circle to close this. But as they are raised to have a pin for the second floor, I needed to cut those down. I did that using my hobby saw and to strengthen the octagon even further, I glued in some struts, that I repurposed from larger sprues / frames.


Terrain Basics – A Desert Table

As mentioned in the recap, I got my hands on some Gale Force 9 - Battlefield in a Box badlands scenery. I saw them at Frontline Games on Tactica, but I ordered them after the show, so I would have less to carry.

Gale Force 9 - Battlefield in a Box Badlands

The Battlefield in a Box items come prepainted and are quite sturdy, so a perfect base to build a table around / upon. They are produced by Gale Force 9 (who got bought by Battlefront - the company behind Flames of War - a while back) and a distributed from New Zealand, but availability has improved a lot.


Dino’s annual review 2022

It's that time again, a whole year has gone by and I have quite mixed feelings when I look back. From a hobby point of view, all in all, it actually went quite well. I have not reached my goal for the year, but I was and am close.

At the beginning of the year, I managed to paint the two remaining archers from the Corinthian part of my Mortal Gods army quite quickly. In fact, it went so smoothly that I would have loved to paint another troop right away, and I've assembled another group in the meantime.

Corinthian archers

Mortal Gods - Greek Archers