Blood Bowl

Project Idea

Blood Bowl was my first love in tabletop miniature games. I was 11 and got it for christmas and i just loved that game, i played it a lot ... a lot! And until today, nothing was able to challenge my fascination for that game. Dreadball is nice, but it isn't Blood Bowl and will never be.

Current status

Human Team

I own two human teams, Athletic Altdorf and the Carroburg Cardinals.

Athletic Altdorf is a team by Black Scorpion miniatures, the old ones, casted in lead.

Blood Bowl - Athletic Altdorf

The other one Carroburg Cardinals is the newer lead team by Games Workshop. And in addition i have a few Star Players, among them the first miniature after a 7 (!) year break from Painting and one of my first miniatures ever, Siggi the Mighty Zug. And Griff Oberwald in Mk 1 and Mk 2.

Blood Bowl - Siggi der Zug Blood Bowl - Griff Oberwald Mk 1 Blood Bowl - Griff Oberwald WIP

Ork Team

Dwarf Team

High Elf Team

Blood Bowl - Highelf Team

Skaven Team

Next Steps

Field of Glory German Open 2013

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