I’ve ordered at Warb … Dark Peak … forget it, I bought Footsore Miniatures

After a name and brand bickering, that I first thought was an April fools joke, Footsore Miniatures - who took over Musketeer Miniatures back in the day, came back to their name. With Gangs of Rome, they went with the name of Warbanner and recently Games Workshop got in touch with them, as Warbanner would be to similar to Warhammer, and therefore not be used in wargaming to promote miniatures. As that would be a fight nobody could win in the business, they complied and renamed themself to Dark Peak Games, just to receive another letter by Peak games, that that name was off limit. So they went back to Footsore.

As I said, I thought that this was an April fools joke, if you'd wrote this as a story line, readers would tell you that its absolutely ridicolous.

Footsore adds a special miniature to their orders, if you place an order of 20 GBP or more. That model changes every month or two and I put up an order last month.

Footsore Miniatures - Parcel Footsore Miniatures - Parcel Footsore Miniatures - Parcel

The package was a flat cardboard box. A bit of a surprise, but well, if it fits. The only thing I would suggest, a bit of padding, to protect the miniatures themself. Warlord Games adds corrugated paper, others use air pillows (Games Workshop does this a lot), bubble wrap or foam peanuts.

So what did I order? I bought two mobs for Gangs of Rome a while back (they are very well priced), and decided to get my hands on the one that was missing along with the slave trader deal. As that was not enough to "unlock" the bonus miniature, I added the blood eagle and a bag of shields.

Footsore Miniatures - Parcel Gangs of Rome -Mob Primus Gangs of Rome -Slaves

The blood eagle was a special miniature from SAGA if I remember correctly, or at least it was promoted by Stronghold Terrain that way. As I don't have Vikings myself, this might end up with my SAGA Ancient Germans. We'll see. Neat miniature, in that category a couple of other former promo miniatures are listed (for example Odin), so if you're missing some of them, take a look at their shop.

Footsore Miniatures - Special Blood Eagle Miniature

The special miniature is William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke, along with his banner men. I was a bit surprised, that the banner carrier didn't come with a lance or brass rod, but well. I'll be able to fix that. The miniatures sculpted by Paul Hicks fit quite well with the Perry Normans range as you can see from the second picture. The kite shields I ordered, will be used for the Norman / Crusader cavalry, to give them a bit more variation. I like the miniature of William and most likely will fit him in with the Crusader army that I have, that consists out of Perry models.

Footsore Miniatures - William Marshal and the Perfect Knight Footsore Miniatures - Scale Comparison Perry Miniatures Footsore Miniatures - Kite Shields

The usual clean up of metal miniatures is necessary, but the casting of details and such is properly done. Shipping from the UK to Germany was reasonably priced and quite quick, around 5-6 days.

Currently Footsore is on focus with their Mortal Gods range, an ancient skirmish, after they visited with Warring Clans / Test of Honour the samurai era of Japan. Both of these don't really speak to me, just not my setting. But I'm quite fond of the Gangs of Rome range and especially with the former Musketeer Interwar miniatures, that will hopefully receive a bit of attention for VBCW.


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