Bitbox-Stand In, miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon

We hoped that we would be able to meet in some kind of way to exchange some stock within our hobby group, but due to being spread across Germany that wasn't possible. As I had some bad experience last year with DHL, I hesitated to use postal services to exchange the miniatures (especially, even if they would reimburse us for lost stuff - which they don't - with some of the OOP items that wouldn't be much help anyway).

Anyhow, as it doesn't really seem that we will have a time slot coming up, that would make a personal meeting happening and the boxes (yes, plural, in the beginning it was one box labelled with Malkränzchen, but over the months it became individual boxes for each one, to keep track who receives what) grew in size. So we had some video chats, talking about what we're looking for, what would end up in the boxes and prepared them for shipping. It is post christmas, it's national tracked packages, so the risk should be a minimum.

miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon

Gregor already wrote about some of the items that I sent him over at the German board Tabletop Welt in his project log "Jenseits des Steinbachs". But what did I receive? Some 90s goodies from Middlehammer 🙂


11th Bitbox & “Kramkiste”

It is mid of March, so it is time for the spring Bitbox! A tabletop flea market in Mülheim an der Ruhr. The opening times were shortened from 11:00 to 14:00 and for the first time I had the sensation of queueing at this event.

11. Bitbox Mülheim an der Ruhr 2017 11. Bitbox Mülheim an der Ruhr 2017 11. Bitbox Mülheim an der Ruhr 2017


BitBox Aftermath & vacation

The sunday before easter, the 9th Bitbox was held in Mülheim an der Ruhr. I got my own table to sell off parts of my collection and it was quite busy, as you can see, so i hadn't had the chance to take that many pictures.

Around noon it was really really crowded, and miniatures and money were exchanged - often and happily. And you could still feel the "afterwaves" of the big notice wave last year at Games Workshop Germany. Still lots of promotional stuff, employee exclusives and even official gear on sale. And the hosts, Freebooter Miniatures, was offering their range as well.

Bitbox #9 2016 Bitbox #9 2016 Bitbox #9 2016


Bitbox Teaser & Preview

Next sunday, on march 20th, it is once again time for Bitbox! The tabletop flea market in the Ruhr-area.

I am already sorting out miniatures and kits, that i want to part from, and to give you a small teaser and what i am going to sell, take a look at these.

Bitbox Teaser Bitbox Teaser Bitbox Teaser


BitBox #7

Two times per year the BitBox opens its doors in Mülheim an der Ruhr. So for the 7th time in total and the first time this year, it was time for the biggest tabletop flea market in Germany.

There are quite a lot parking lots around, so no fear about that. Though the doors would open at regular 11 am, the hall was already crowded.

7th BitBox - 1th 2015


Bitbox #5 2014

On Sunday, march 16 2014, Franz and Werner invited for the spring Bitbox to Mülheim an der Ruhr. I followed the invitation, like many others. I want to make sure, for editorial reasons, that the parking lots are seen.

BitBox #5 - Frühjahr 2014

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Back from the 5th BitBox

I am back from the 5th BitBox, the first in 2014. Boy, what a blast! And what bargains i could gather.

BitBox 2014 Loot

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German Open and Bitbox anticipation

Roughly a month without a post, that's something i had to take care of. There were tabletop related activites in the meantime. I did a real huge load of Tank reviews! A whole month filled with heavy armoured vehicles.

Last weekend, there were the German Open in Field of Glory at the wonderful Marksburg in Braubach. I have covered it last year, if some of you remember, Field of Glory German Open 2013.

Field of Glory - German Open 2014 Field of Glory - German Open 2014

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Birthday, Bitbox and Autumn Update

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who send congratulations to me last weekend. I got some nice presents, like the limited Steelsoul Keg Protector and a voucher for the local kart center. Woo-hoo! It has been almost a whole month since the last update, so let's see.

Steelsoul Keg Protector

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Photokina & BitBox

Thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes! Beside work and some really short weekends, what was going on on the hobby-side? Well, the weekend before this the photokina was in Cologne (a large photography fair).

As i am now "armed" with a nice starter DSLR, i was looking for some additional accessoires, which i found. How has this something to do with miniatures? Well, somehow we have to get some pictures online - that is for sure and some of this things will be usefull for others as well.

First there was B-Grip, an italian company, having a nice marketing special, where you could trade in your neckstrap agains on of their belt holder. As i was already looking for something to replace my rather cheap neckstrap (the one canon packs into the box with the 1100D is not even stitched, just printed), i took this deal with great joy! After all, this belt holder including the quick release plate is awesome for miniature shows and fairs. Hands free and still quick access to the cam and all i had to do was to trade in my neckstrap.

BGrip Guertel

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