Bitbox-Stand In, miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon

We hoped that we would be able to meet in some kind of way to exchange some stock within our hobby group, but due to being spread across Germany that wasn't possible. As I had some bad experience last year with DHL, I hesitated to use postal services to exchange the miniatures (especially, even if they would reimburse us for lost stuff - which they don't - with some of the OOP items that wouldn't be much help anyway).

Anyhow, as it doesn't really seem that we will have a time slot coming up, that would make a personal meeting happening and the boxes (yes, plural, in the beginning it was one box labelled with Malkränzchen, but over the months it became individual boxes for each one, to keep track who receives what) grew in size. So we had some video chats, talking about what we're looking for, what would end up in the boxes and prepared them for shipping. It is post christmas, it's national tracked packages, so the risk should be a minimum.

miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon

Gregor already wrote about some of the items that I sent him over at the German board Tabletop Welt in his project log "Jenseits des Steinbachs". But what did I receive? Some 90s goodies from Middlehammer 🙂

We traded some Empire stuff, I still have a lot of metal models here from the era, but don't want to build an actual army, more something along the lines of my chaos warband, of which the Beastmen are already done and painted. You have a lot of Knights for that 4th/5th edition theme, and Gregor had some Knights of the White Wolf in metal, of which I already own the grand master. Along with some outriders. As I fancy the idea of having a small skirmish band of some old world races, he put some dwarves in the box as well, and for such a scout troop, a Gyrocopter just seems a great fit.

As for the chaos warbands, I have the undivided beastmen, and then a stock for the bands with a mark of chaos, and I thought that some Skaven plague monks would an interesting addition for the Nurgle Warband, so I got three of those. I have to see if I can get my hands on a banner bearer, as that type of model is kind a rare within the chaos range. And as a special goodie, I got a dragon ogre. He will do a great job as a powerful mob in a skirmish or to bring some muscle for chaos.

miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon

Gregor and I share the fascination for Necromunda as well. He had some scavvies that he wanted to trade and I still need some poses to complete mine, so I'm really thankfull, especially for the mutants, as they fill up my current stock quite nicely. And on top of that I got some individual miniatures, that I have to check for doubles, but most likely I already have. Will come up with a trade post for Necromunda soon.

miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon

A surplus on his side for his Congo project would be these Askari (?) troops, which I have in mind as a special squad for my German interwar setting to go with Lettow von Vorbeck, as some kind of Schutztruppe that was shipped to Germany after the first world war.

miniature swap with Gregor / SirLeon

I am happy about this package, it adds to finalize some of my open collections, and I can use the doubles to trade in for items I am still looking for. The things I sent Gregor are in good hands, and I'm sure he will have fun with them.

Warhammer Fantasy Bags & Blisters Warhammer 40.000 Bags & Blisters

I can now narrow down my looking for post, and I already got some envelopes and bags to be able to ship the boxes full if sorted out miniature stock. So keep an eye on here for the selling / trading posts. (The Forge World stuff already sold this evening).


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