January 2021 review

Wow, already a month done into 2021! We had the kick-off for the new year, and I could put a lot of energy into the weekends, continuing to sort out the stock. At some point you get to the things, that aren't bulk or quickly free up space, so after going for the overstock of Necromunda Bulkheads, I moved on to the organisers, to see what I'd keep and what would be sold.

Necromunda - Bulkheads Sorting Boxes Sorting Boxes

I sold a small lot of Bretonnian boxes, partially still on sprue, and bagged quite a few items. As I'll go for the proto-project approach, using Claymore Castings miniatures, I decided to sell the other kits. I'd love to bring these to a bitbox / tabletop fleamarket, as that would just simply be the easiest and most economic way to sell them (instead of running multiple times to the post office). But don't worry, I'll to a list of these, incl. pictures, I did some research on international shipping, incl. decent options for insured shipping within Europe or the UK.

Bretonnia Lot Sorting Boxes

As for review preparations, I managed to get my hands on the American Civil War sprue by Warlord, and I covered the Tribals for Frostgrave this month. I have the Knights in preparation to do next.

Wargames Illustrated - January 2021 Issue 397 Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago - Tribals Frostgrave - Knights

The last of the Star Wars kits arrived and I unpacked them, as they take up quite a lot of space in the boxes. And I was a bit irritated, that they partially come in zip bags with individual bits and other kits on sprue, but with no clear seperation for what is produced in which way. And good news, a couple of 3d prints arrived as well, incredibly fast within only a week. My little one was fascinated and helped me taking pictures.

Star Wars Legion Star Wars Legion Skull Forge Studios - Authority Viscount

And the Warlord got its first upgrade, a Lucius Pattern head. Resin printed, amazing detail. The STL file was made by artisans of vaul, I am very impressed how well it catches the 28mm model. I've seen it at Warhammer World back in 2018. And if everything works out well, I have the weapons here on wednesday.

Adeptus Titanicus - Warlord Titan Lucius Pattern Head Games Workshop - Warhammer World Exhibition Centre

We will go into further 3d printing this month, and further clear outs, and in the next parental leave period hopefully some painting.

Let's jump over to the streaming and binge suggestions.

I finished the second season of Das Boot. It got a bit more naval action in the second half, but yeah, a bit over the top. I managed to catch up on the 10th season of The Walking Dead. Pacing isn't as worth as former seasons, but it helped a lot to have the episodes there and being able to binge it, as I find it hard to keep track on a week-to-week basis. The 11th and final season will be split and spread across two years, so we'll have it around until 2022 to 2023, followed up by spin-offs and maybe a movie.

I got quite a bit of Netflix in, watched The History of swear words, hosted by Nicolas Cage. A rather daft tv-format, that could have been a youtube video. On Netflix as well, Discovery, yeah, no, still not really working for me. But Lower Decks is on Amazon Prime, to enjoy for everyone. As for animated series, Disenchantment Season 3 went online, for my taste the boring Groening format. It just isn't on par with Futurama nor Simpons (and that's including the most recent episodes). Beyond that, I enjoyed the hell out of Hostiles. What a great movie, dark, grim, brutal, no forced love story, no rushed pacing, and of course, as a Wargamer makes for great inspiration for the Wild West. I like the Criminal format on Netflix as well, watched the German episodes and now caught up on Criminal UK. Very well made, a lot of tension. The same goes for Manhunt Unabomber. Really hope that we'll see the second season, Deadly Games, released on Netflix soon. And I restarted Ozark, which I stopped for what ever reason on episode 7 of the first season and rewatched them. A great series, highly recommended, Michael Bluth goes Breaking Bad. It is so much better if you watched Arrested Development in the past. Currently in the third season, enjoying in quite a lot.

Dipped in the first two episodes of Wandavision - weird, not my thing. As a big The Shield fan, I need to give Coyote a try. Along with catching up with the last Krauthorn Episode.

That's it for today, have a great week, stay healthy and safe.

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