Twelve months, 20,- Euros – Part 1

There is hardly a hobbyist who doesn't have a certain stock of leftover minis at home. In my case, this used to be for a growing bitzbox, but since then, a whole series of unfinished projects have also come along. Since my "Pile of Shame" is already quite large, I thought of a strategy at the beginning of the year to reduce it and at the same time prevent it from growing again. The idea was simple:

Every month I have a budget of 20,- € for my hobby.


With this limit I' d like to achieve that I dedicate myself to my old projects, and at best increase them instead of starting any new ones. Long story short - fight the unpainted minis! In my annual review I already mentioned that the first thing I want to do is to finish my Mortal Gods Hades army. For this I need two squads of zombies that I've already startedn and one base with skeletons.

A miniature Odyssey – Undead

As you can see, I was able to complete a group of zombies and am now thinking about making a detour to another project. This keeps you fresh, because you have variety and do not repeat the same painting processes over and over for too long. By the way, the bases have got grastufts from my first hobby purchase this year:

 Army Painter - Swamp Tufts

With 77 tufts each, the two packs should be enough to provide both the army of Hades, the army of mercenaries that is still under construction, and a few terrain pieces with grass. The price of the purchase was €6.99, leaving me with €13.01 from this month. Not bad, for the first month.

In the next month I plan to paint a centaur, for which there will also be a small tutorial, and complete the squad of skeletons. With that, I'm quickly approaching the 300 point goal for my army of Hades and can soon get back to the mercenaries.


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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