Birthday, Bitbox and Autumn Update

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who send congratulations to me last weekend. I got some nice presents, like the limited Steelsoul Keg Protector and a voucher for the local kart center. Woo-hoo! It has been almost a whole month since the last update, so let's see.

Steelsoul Keg Protector

So what is the current status quo? It is autumn again and the convention and show season starts. Beginning last weekend with the 4th BitBox.

The Bitbox is a tabletop bring and buy in North Rhine-Westphalia, organized by Franz (of the Freebooter Crew) in Mülheim an der Ruhr. It's a one day event, from 11 to 15, and quite a lot of people visit it. Great occasion to meet people, talking to fellow hobbyist and getting to know new people. The offered miniatures are mostly GW (from the good ol' days up to some recent releases), with some exceptions.

I was able to sell off some old stuff and slim the amount of unpainted miniatures. But i took the chance to buy some goodies for myself. Still did a good quota and were able to boost my Crisis Budget for November. So what did i buy?

4. Bitbox 2013 Shopping

I got myself 3 blisters, a chaos nurgle champion, an old grey seer and lelith hesperax (out of pewter!). Some old necromunda pit gladiators from a bit box, and Stompa! (it was a bargain, at 30% RRP) and some nice guy gave away old codices for free, so i used that chance to boost my wargaming library.

I wrote the beginning of con and show season, so the upcoming events are;

  • Scale Model Challenge Eindhoven - Sunday, 13th of October 2013.
  • Crisis Antwerpen - Saturday, 2nd of November 2013.
  • Radaddel Wide Open Door Day - Saturday, 9th of November 2013.

And what is currently on my desk? Dreamforge magnificent miniatures! So great stuff. Very nice casting, huge amount of bits and lots of options. I do really like this. Who wants to know what you can do with these, just take a look over at Dwartist.

Dreamforge Miniatures

But wait ... there is more! So this is a shot of my current to do "review" shelf.

Review Schedule

A quick excerpt:

  • Sedition Wars
  • Firefly
  • Minairon Hispano Suiza MC-36
  • Japanese Infantry
  • The Society of Thule

So still a lot to do. Unfortunately, only a bit will be done within the next few weeks, as i will enjoy the warm sun of Cantabria. I'll keep you posted.

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