BitBox Aftermath & vacation

The sunday before easter, the 9th Bitbox was held in Mülheim an der Ruhr. I got my own table to sell off parts of my collection and it was quite busy, as you can see, so i hadn't had the chance to take that many pictures.

Around noon it was really really crowded, and miniatures and money were exchanged - often and happily. And you could still feel the "afterwaves" of the big notice wave last year at Games Workshop Germany. Still lots of promotional stuff, employee exclusives and even official gear on sale. And the hosts, Freebooter Miniatures, was offering their range as well.

Bitbox #9 2016 Bitbox #9 2016 Bitbox #9 2016

I was able to sell good volume (two moving boxes of bags, blisters and boxes), and got a few small things for myself. For a friend i was able to acquire the Oldhammer Bugmans beer wagon. Last week i got some old Orc Boar boys (sculpted by Brian Nelson) and found the matching supplement (Warboss and two more spearman), Azhag's Wyvern (now looking for the rider), the old Citadel Thrudd the Barbarian by Bob Naismith and the entire Genestealer Cult from Deathwatch Overkill.

Bitbox #9 2016 Loot

And the assembly of the captured vehicles, KV-2 754(r) and KV-1 753(r), and Jagdpanther continued. The new resin formula by Warlord Games is very comfortable to handle, but it is still resin. Make sure you wear a mask and ventilate your work area or this stuff will find its way into your lungs. To prepare the miniatures, that i wanted to take with me on vacation, i did a larger basing action. Taking care of german late war grenadiers and spanish crusaders.

Bolt Action - KV2, KV1, Jagdpanther Bolt Action - Resindust Basing and Sand

The KV-1 and KV-2 are pretty straight forward builds and with the exception of the turrets identical. Pinned the main guns and ready for priming.

Bolt Action - KV2, KV1 Bolt Action - KV2, KV1 Bolt Action - KV2, KV1

I got myself a small day-light desklamp to be able to paint while travelling. I primed the german grenadiers with Bolt Actions spray german grey and the crusaders in matt white.

Vacation Painting Vacation Painting

Didn't went so further on the miniatures as i planned, but was able to bring a few base colors on both armies. Primed all the Zeltplane on the grenadiers and most of the clothing on the pilgrims.

Vacation Painting Vacation Painting Vacation Painting

First colour test on the captured KV-2 / PzKpfw. 754(r). First black primer, a layer of Army Painter Uniform Grey and then strong matt white zenithal coat, that wouldn't cover the entire grey layer.

Bolt Action - KV2 Paint in Progress

After that i grabbed some blister foam and Vallejo German Grey and heavily worked around the edges. On top of that i added a wash of AP quickshade dark tone and let it dry for a couple of hours. Then i selectively drybrushed the modell with Vallejos off-white. I guess the next time, i'll apply the wash directly after the primer, drybrush white and then do the sponging. But never the less, i like the current result.

Bolt Action - KV2 Paint in Progress Bolt Action - KV2 Paint in Progress Bolt Action - KV2 Paint in Progress

I left the spaces on the turret side and front empty, to put decals with the german balkenkreuz to show it status of being captured. Next up i'll take care of the tracks and wheels, and maybe try out the paint set from AK interactive.


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    Do you have any idea when the next BitBox will be held? I went there once, loved it, and now I have no clue when it’s happening…

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