Twelve months, 20,- Euros – Part 2

February is known to be a bit shorter than the other months, so you would think that mentally there would be a bit of pressure to finish painting planned minis. Well, maybe it was like that at the beginning, because I finished the last group of skeletons for my Mortal Gods Army of Hades pretty quickly. This surprised myself so much that I just tried to finish the remaining group of zombies and managed to do so, which completed the army.

Mortal Gods - Zombie Reinforcements Mortal Gods - Zombie Reinforcements

With 300 points for the Hades faction, I was satisfied. Now it was time to completely assemble another faction so that I would no longer have to play games with ugly proxies for Mortal Gods.

Twelve months, 20,- Euros – Part 2

The army will be slightly converted and it will take a little longer to paint them, but I hope to capture the right flair in the end. Especially the Promachos already looked promising after minor modifications.

Twelve months, 20,- Euros – Part 2

The Promacho's blade was so bendy that it probably would have broken off after a short while, so I replaced it with one made of plastic, as well as the shield, whose recess showed an unsightly gap. Aside from that, I also assembled one of Sarissa Precision's wells, because if there's one thing I really need, it's terrain for the gaming table.

Twelve months, 20,- Euros – Part 2

Well, what else happened this month? I tested a few colors on a Frostgrave barbarian and since the Chaosbunkerdaddies seem to have all somehow unpainted warbands, it will probably come to a group project during the year - that suits me quite well, since I wanted to advance in my Frostgrave project again. This will probably happen with the second warband that I have assembled, though it won't be quite as detailed as the Sword and Sorcery series.

Twelve months, 20,- Euros – Part 2

When it came to my purchases this month, I just couldn't decide: should it be some Fauns and Centaurs from Wargames Atlantic? Clay houses from Renedra, which would fit well into the Greek setting? Most likely, however, I finally need a proper playmat...


So at the beginning of March, my balance of available funds looks like this:

January 13.01 €

February 20.- €

March 20.- €


So with a budget of around €50, the play mat seems to become more and more realistic. Should it be a cheap one, there might even be money left over for a small terrain piece. No matter what I decide, slowly I begin to no longer identify with this meme....


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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