Frostgrave – Wizards

North Star and Osprey Games did land quite a hit with Frostgrave, and with the second edition coming up later this year, I thought it would be a good idea to catch up on some of the available plastic kits - beginning with the Wizards plastic kit.

Frostgrave - Wizards Frostgrave - Wizards

The Frostgrave range already covers a broad selection of wizard blisters, covering the wizard and an apprentice each, for 6 GBP each. But to give you more flexibility in building and equipping your own wizards, they released a plastic kit covering 8 miniatures for 15 GBP.

Each of these kits cover two sprues, with four bodies each and a lot of options to choose from, along with a sprue of 10 25mm round bases.

Frostgrave - Wizards Frostgrave - Wizards

It seems as North Star swapped their supplier for the sprues, as these are different from the Renedra ones and look like the newer Bolt Action sprues by Warlord Games.

The casting is well done, the sprue is packed with bits and pieces. Each one covers:

  • 4 bodies
  • 20 heads
  • 20 right arms
  • 20 left arms
  • 23 bits of equipment, charms and bags
  • 3 familiars

And as you get two sprues, you have twice the parts to choose from.

Frostgrave - Wizards Frostgrave - Wizards
Frostgrave - Wizards Frostgrave - Wizards

There are four different bodies, all of them wearing long robes in multiple layers. The different stands are quite flexible to you and can represent high mages, natural bound druids as well as crooked followers of the dark arts.

Frostgrave - Wizards

There is so much variety with the 20 different left and right arms, that it is quite the challenge to decide for a combination. You can create spell casters, battle mages, or wandering wizards, depending on what pose you want to go for.

Frostgrave - Wizards Frostgrave - Wizards

The selection of heads is broad as well, a total of 20 different heads. Those cover different expressions and lores of magic, from the classic Gandalf-type, to exotic head gears, from turbans, to hood and high hats. As I already have some rather warm clothed wizards from metal for Frostgrave, I went for setups that would fit the Ghost Archipelagos better.

Frostgrave - Wizards Frostgrave - Wizards

As the wizards are basically done, they are only missing their equipment, books, charms and trinkets - no proper mage would be complete without them. I went for weaponry, scrolls and such, fitting to individual miniatures. In some cases you might need to cut off a bit of belt or so, to make for a better fit.

Frostgrave - Wizards Frostgrave - Wizards Frostgrave - Wizards

Just take a look what is still left on the sprue after building four wizards, incl. options. That will boost your bitsbox by quite a bit, maybe use a crewman or soldier to build an apprentice or some special classes like the apothecary. Because, remember there is a second of these sprues in the box.

Frostgrave - Wizards

The plastic models are very continious with eachother as you can see. The scale fits with the metal wizards as well, though the style is a little bit different. And as the question came up, a comparison with the plastic mages from the Warhammer / Age of Sigmar, a metal Warhammer wizard from the 6th edition and of course, a comparison with Nicodemus, the greatest mage of them all may not be forgotten.

Frostgrave - Wizards Frostgrave - Wizards Frostgrave - Wizards

Just look at the characterful creations, you can build from this kit.

Frostgrave - Wizards Frostgrave - Wizards

I wasn't expecting a plastic kit for the wizards, especially not two, as North Star released a second one for female wizards. At 15 GBP for 8 models it is certainly a cheap supply for characters. Even if you don't play Frostgrave and you need some for a fantasy army, like Kings of War. For comparison, the plastic duo by Games Workshop was around 17,50 to 20 EUR for 2 wizards and wasn't as versatile as this kit, as the cloaks limited the poses.

It is still amazing how low the entry level for this game is. A soldier or crewmen box for 20 GBP gives you enough models for two bands, a box of these 8 wizards (or better said 4 wizards and 4 apprentices, so two set-ups for each of the two warbands) at 15 GBP. 35 GBP for 2 warbands incl. options, that is an absolute deal.

Casting is well done, the parts have a proper fit and the variations and options are incredibly vast. I am really satisfied with this product and it goes a long way.

Frostgrave is a brand of North Star Figures and Osprey Games.

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