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On with my first off-road piece for Gaslands. When I disassembled the car, I discovered a little surprise - the Nissan Titan actually did have a music system modelled inside. Although I knew that it would not be seen, I could not resist the temptation to paint it. If I discover such a small addition in one of the Hotwheel cars again, I will probably cut it out and install it somewhere visible on another car.

Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands

With the seats, I knew that you could see them through the lowered windows and so I painted the upper side like old, worn leather. I approached the chassis using a proven method, with the windows first.

Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands

It was an interesting experiment to paint them as if they had been splintered and partially perforated, but I think next time I will confine myself to the bullet marks.

Finally I painted the rest of the chassis using the same method as the replaced parts of the Freelancer and covered the whole car with scratch marks. I didn't really think about where to put them. Instead I just started without any thought, in order to create a random appearance.

Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands

At this point I took a little break, because the time had come to make some decisions regarding further experiments. I wanted to put some graffiti on it and a lot of rust. I hadn't done both to this extent yet. After looking through the rulebook and studying the artwork, I wanted to make it clear that this car had been taken apart by gang members of the sponsor Slime. So I put some typical phrases on the doors and an Anarcho-A on the hood.

Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands

Smaller details, like the cactus and the trunk I painted separately. Finally I tackled the base, which I wanted to paint desert-like, pretty much characteristically for the Wasteland style, which also harmonized nicely with the cactus. This was also the first time I used grastufts since I started the hobby again 20 years ago.

Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands

There were two canister-like recesses on the loading area, probably for some kind of engine parts, but I quickly made a nitro injection and oil drain out of it. Many Hotwheels offer the possibility to display equipment without major modifications by simply painting the parts differently.

Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands

As you can see I did not glue the chassis back to the bottom side. Should the need arise, I can make two out of one terrain pieces quickly this way.

Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands

Okay, the first terrain piece is finished and somehow I got more involved with it than I thought. Probably this will happen a few more times in the future, but hey, that's the hobby, isn't it?


Greetings from the Gaslands


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