Frostgrave: A Sword and Sorcery Adventure – Part 7

Somewhat surprisingly, I painted the thief for my Frostgrave warband last month. I can't say myself what drove me there, because usually it takes me quite a while to paint a mini in my style, especially since I'm not the fastest painter anyway.

But somehow I felt like it and the thief, I think I'll call him Garrett, just whizzed across my painting table. Probably the limited color palette has also contributed a lot to that, something that. I probably remember this for an upcoming Oathmark project.

Frostgrave - Thief Frostgrave - Thief

I admit it too, I simply fell in love with the Northstar model series. You can just make so much out of the minis, give them their own character without having the skills of a master modeler. This thief here, for example, is made exclusively from parts of the Frostgrave Soldiers sprue, with only the parts selected and painted to match the theme.

As I said, the whole thing happened so fast this time that I didn't even come up with my usual chunk of fluff to go with it, but I promise to make up for it once the gang is fully painted.


Greetings from the Chaosbunker


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