Mortal Gods – Veteran Archer

As a little exercise for the centaurs, I painted the veteran archer for my Corinthians. For the color scheme, I stuck to my old yellow and black scheme, even though the ancient Greeks didn't really have anything like a dress code.

Mortal Gods – Veteran Archer Mortal Gods – Veteran Archer

I admit, this plays into my hands a bit, as I'd like to play my Corinthians according to Athenian rules for a change. They have the nice side effect that their archers fall into the "medium armor" category and can therefore receive an order from veteran hoplites, which equals an additional activation.

Mortal Gods – Veteran Archer Mortal Gods – Veteran Archer

The veteran archer, on the other hand, gives them an additional attack. If you now play two groups of archers, that's basically five more attack dice per round (if it lasts that long) if the two veterans are close enough to the group.

In terms of looks, I gave the veteran archer a larger bow and a hood to make him more recognizable. I was really tempted to paint him in darker colors just to further emphasize his status, but I needed the practice before going back to the centaurs. Also, painting itself has quite a meditative effect for me when I'm painting a scheme I already know.

As you can already see, there will be a few more Mortal Gods articles coming out in the near future, as I plan to demo the game at a few events next year. If you're in the area, I'd be delighted if you stopped by. Otherwise, I also like to look at your minis for inspiration, so leave us some pictures in the comments, or the link to your Insta-account.


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