Mortal Gods – By Zeus!

As you will remember, last year I brought my Mortal Gods troop to 300 points and mentioned that I wanted to expand the army to 500 points. The first model that was intended for this is now finally ready - the Priest of Zeus!

Mortal Gods - Priest of Zeus

In Mortal Gods Mythic, the priests of the different god factions have the function of granting the player access to mythical creatures. This is also the case here, as I intend to add a statue of Zeus, which should count as a Cyclops for rules purposes, in the army.

But even on its own, the Priest of Zeus can  already hold it’s own, as it comes with the Thunderbolt ability which allows for a 24 inch ranged attack per turn. Pretty good, if you ask me.

Mortal Gods - Priest of Zeus Mortal Gods - Priest of Zeus Mortal Gods - Priest of Zeus Mortal Gods - Priest of Zeus

The conversion was actually quite simple in nature. The head came from one of the viking minis from Victrix and was donated by Robert, better known as Wolpertinger. For the body, I simply took a regular Greek from the same manufacturer and carved the javelins so that nothing was left of the original shape. I actually had the idea right from the start to paint these as lightning bolts because I thought it fit visually.

Mortal Gods - Priest of Zeus


For the painting, I tried Scource Lighting, due to the lightning. I am still undecided how the result turned out. In itself, I would have felt the need to exaggerate a little more with the blue glow, but TTW forum user Pink Wotan pointed out to me that the lesser glow on the model provides a fairly believable image, because colored light in daylight is much weaker to perceive on reflective surfaces in the dark.

In the end, I guess I can say that I'm satisfied and the model seems coherent, which is what matters most to me. If all goes well, I'll be able to play some Mortal Gods again at the Rhein Main Multiverse 2024, or do test rounds with other people from the community in the meantime.

I still think that the game serves a very special niche that is just right for tabletop daddies - a slim, cineastic set of rules with a manageable army size.


Greeting from the Olym…err, the Chaosbunker


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