June 2024 review

A slightly postponed recap of June. While I was able to write up our visit to FeenCon at beginning of this month, a prolonged family weekend followed up by a few days of the flu changed my schedule.

First things first - the Horus Heresy audiobooks are back on spotify, and while that was in clarification between the license holders, I went to Bookbeat, as they have the audiobooks as well- by the way if you use the code "60tgratis" when you register, you get two months for free not just one. I'm currently listening to Betrayer, where the Word Bearers and World Eaters fight alongisde, attacking the realm of Ultramar, more precisely Armatura.

Warhammer The Horus Heresy - Betrayer Audiobook

To start adding more structure to my studio / collection, I went to IKEA and got myself 20x Samla 45l boxes. As they had 947 of those in stock, I didn't bother to look if they had the lids as well ... which they didn't. But I picked up some organiser inserts for the Samla boxes and Kuggis, as these would come in handy for gaming material like dice, templates and other rather flat storing items.


I spread those out in the dining room and started sorting by theme. Some of these will be put in storage, either in my studio or attic, but others will receive a price tag and be offered on here.


After having a go at Gaslands at FeenCon, I took a closer look upon my stash, and that is quite compact, but as I realised during the demo game, the gasland warbands are smaller than I expected, so that I will convert some of these into terrain. There is no point in reselling the overstock, as you get Matchbox cars rather cheaply. Never the less, I picked up a Monster Truck at Lidl, as the VW Beetle will fit my german-themed warband.

Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands Osprey Games - Gaslands

From the Deathwing Assault set, I still had some Terminators around, and I kept those, as I wanted to create a bunch of Space Hulk models, but in the newer Indomitus scale. I'll cover that in a few articles of themself, including a review and conversion tutorial on how to create the load-out from 2009s Space Hulk (yes - that's a 15 year old review on this blog - I've been doing this for a while now).

Warhammer 40,000 - Space Marine Indomitus Pattern Terminators

As I had some overstock of Napoleonics, and I like the gritty grim dark, I put a few bits and pieces on my 3d printer to make use of these models for Turnip28. As for 3d printing, I pledged the Arcs Vol 1 - 3d printable Sci-Fi Assets by David Sheff Models, as I intend to use these with Stargrave and Necromunda. David used to run Squamos Models, but stopped that due to the fact that his files got leaked a lot.

Turnip28 Resin Prints

Warlord Games sent me some of their novelties. A taster of the new Hail Caesar Epic Battles range, along with the new US Rangers for Bolt Action. I did a review of the original kit back in 2013, and I'm looking forward to this update.

Warlord Games - Hail Caesar Epic Battles Warlord Games - Hail Caesar Epic Battles Warlord Games - Bolt Action US Rangers

Along with the Old West Building, that Great Escape Games released last year, they created a few accessoire sprues, of walkways and other small additions. These are now finally available on their own and I picked up some at Miniaturicum.

Great Escape Games - Dead Mans Hand Accessoire Sprues

What to expect in the near future? Obviously a few reviews on the items above, quite the bunch of Warhammer as well, as I got a larger package of samples from Nottingham the other day, and as I signed up for the 18 miniatures in 3 month challenge with my High Elves Blood Bowl Team, some painted miniatures.



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