Horus Heresy – Novels and Audiobook Order

The Horus Heresy range is supported by an incredibly rich narrative, which grew since the release of the first book in April 2006 by Dan Abnett to an amazing depth. I read the first few books as paperbacks and switched at some point towards the audiobooks, as they are easier for me to consume, for example while I commute or on (business) travel.

Warhammer The Horus Heresy - The End and The Death Volume III

The audio books were released in 2011 ongoing, and are available through a lot of different services. You can buy them directly from Black Library, but other sources like audible or spotify have them as well. As of February 2024 I am currently on book 20, The Primarchs, listening to it in German (quite well read by Tom Jacobs) on Spotify, I have multiple problems, for example the audiobooks are not divided into proper tracks but just 3 minute segments, regardless of chapter etc., and if you switch between your car, the web and mobile app, they often "forget" (or better said don't save) where you left off with the addition of not guiding properly to the next book. For that reason I ended up looking up the order of the Horus Heresy novels / audiobooks multiple times and to save me (and others) time the next few times that happens, this is article is meant as a list to provide a time saving overview. While it may look a bit redundant in English, the added value is the German translation as due to changing publishers some book titles have been changed (and swapped) causing a bit of trouble keeping track.

01 - Horus Rising (by Dan Abnett)

02 - False Gods (by Graham McNeill)

03 - Galaxy in Flames (by Ben Counter)

04 - The Flight of the Eisenstein (by James Swallow)

05 - Fulgrim (by Graham McNeill)

06 - Descent of Angels (by Mitchel Scanlon)

07 - Legion (by Dan Abnett)

08 - Battle for the Abyss (by Ben Counter)

09 - Mechanicum (by Graham McNeill)

10 - Tales of Heresy (various authors, Short story compilation)

11 - Fallen Angels (by Mike Lee)

12 - A Thousand Sons (by Graham McNeill)

13 - Nemesis (by James Swallow)

14 - The First Heretic (by Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

15 - Prospero Burns (by Dan Abnett)

16 - Age of Darkness (various authors, Short story compilation)

17 - The Outcast Dead (by Graham McNeill)

18 - Deliverance Lost (by Gav Thorpe)

19 - Know No Fear (by Dan Abnett)

20 - The Primarchs (various authors, novella compilation)

21 - Fear to Tread (by James Sallow)

22 - Shadows of Treachery (various authors, short story and novella compilation)

23 - Angel Exterminatus (by Graham McNeill)

24 - Betrayer (by Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

25 - Mark of Calth (various authors, short story and novella compilation)

26 - Vulkan Lives (by Nick Kyme)

27 - The Unremembered Empire (by Dan Abnett)

28 - Scars (by Chris Wraight)

29 - Vengeful Spirit (by Graham McNeill)

30 - The Damnation of Pythos (by David Annandale)

31 - Legacies of Betrayal (various authors, compilation)

32 - Deathfire (by Nick Kyme)

33 - War without End (various authors, compilation)

34 - Pharos (by Guy Haley)

35 - Eye of Terra (various authors, compilation)

36 - The Path of Heaven (by Chris Wraight)

37 - The Silent War (various authors, compilation)

38 - Angels of Caliban (by Gav Thorpe)

39 - Praetorian of Dorn (by John French)

40 - Corax (by Gav Thorpe)

41 - The Master of Mankind (by Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

42 - Garro (by James Swallow)

43 - Shattered Legions (various authors, short story and novella compilation)

44 - The Crimson King (by Graham McNeill)

45 - Tallarn (by John French)

46 - Ruinstorm (by David Annandale)

47 - Old Earth (by Nick Kyme)

48 - The Burden of Loyalty (various authors, short story and novella compilation)

49 - Wolfsbane (by Guy Haley)

50 - Born of Flame (various authors, short story, novella and novel compilation)

51 - Slaves to Darkness (by John French)

52 - Heralds of Siege (various authors, short story compilation)

53 - Titandeath (by Guy Haley)

54 - The Buried Dagger (by James Swallow)

55 - The Solar War (by John French)

56 - The Lost and the Damned (by Guy Haley)

57 - The First Wall (by Gav Thorpe)

58 - Saturnine (by Dan Abnett)

59 - Mortis (by John French)

60 - Warhawk (by Chris Wraight)

61 - Echoes of Eternity (by Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

62 - The End and the Death, Volume I (by Dan Abnett)

63 - The End and the Death, Volume II (by Dan Abnett)

64 - The End and the Death, Volume III (by Dan Abnett)


Volumes 55 to 64 (The Solar War to The End and the Death Vol III) are the Siege of Terra books #1 to 10. All books are available as audiobooks.

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