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Last year in March 2023 we backed the Gangs of Rome 2 campaign by Footsore Miniatures. The goal was to fund the new rulebook (200 pages, full A4) and a plastic kit for Citizens of Rome, which would be a colaboration with Wargames Atlantic. If you don't know what Gangs of Rome is, it is skirmish set in the Roman Empire, between rivaling gangs, who can rally support from the other citizens of Rome, which is the reason why you don't only have models for the gangs themself but for the various types of citizens as well.

We did a review on the old Gangs of Rome starter set, Blood on the Aventine, which was round package, but this time I was in just for the miniatures in addition for Gladiator combat and scenic background for my romans. Anyhow, this week the items arrived, quite on schedule as shipping of the items was set for late January 2024.

Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome

IOSS worked, which was issue sometimes in the past, as larger orders weren't split and to be absolutely sure I stayed on a lower pledge with just the miniatures. The models themself are single cast metal miniatures and sculpted by the talented hands of Paul Hicks, just like the civilian mobs or even more civilian mobs, we covered in the past.My order consisted out of all the Vigiles Urbani (watchmen of the city), the oscan players, the leper, puppeteer, brawlers, thieves and the early pledge bonus Priscus Brutus. Overall the miniatures feel a bit slender than usual, at least the roman watchmen feel very tall.

Casting is good, minor mould lines, some casting aids sticking out here and there, but that is usual with metal miniatures. Beyond that, a very clean cast. Dino had some rough surfaces and partially deformed models with his Mortal Gods zealots. Interesting side note, some of the zealots are repurposed Gangs of Rome gangers, with fixed instead of modular weapons.

From that point, I am quite happy with the product that I received.

Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome

The other miniatures, basically all the novelties besides the plastics and the artists, are the complete set. I have the thiefes, with the leper. The oscan players, who are a drama group of actors, along with a puppeter, and two boxers with the veteran. I like the characterful sculpts. They have a lot of variation and dynamic poses, and are perfect for the Gladiator ruleset by Warhammer Historical.

Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome

The models are proper 28mm, and even as they are on the more true scale part, they mix in with a lot of other models of the same era. Brigade Games even has some gladiators sculpted by Paul Hicks, so they are a proper fit. The models fit with the ancients by Warlord Games. Some of the Gladiators by Foundry and Crusader are either smaller or much more heroic scaled. But they still mix in pretty well, as they just come along as smaller or heavier people, with some minor exceptions.

Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome Gangs of Rome - Civilian Mobs Gangs of Rome - Blood on the Aventine

At 3 GBP each per model I am completely in my comfort zone on pricing. I would love to see more Gladiators by Paul Hicks, maybe that is something that comes along the way. But with the plastics, you are probably properly set for Gangs of Rome anyway. Especially in combination with the well made terrain range by Sarissa for the game.

Gangs of Rome is a brand by Footsore.

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