Gangs of Rome – Kickstarter Delivery

Last year in March 2023 we backed the Gangs of Rome 2 campaign by Footsore Miniatures. The goal was to fund the new rulebook (200 pages, full A4) and a plastic kit for Citizens of Rome, which would be a colaboration with Wargames Atlantic. If you don't know what Gangs of Rome is, it is skirmish set in the Roman Empire, between rivaling gangs, who can rally support from the other citizens of Rome, which is the reason why you don't only have models for the gangs themself but for the various types of citizens as well.

We did a review on the old Gangs of Rome starter set, Blood on the Aventine, which was round package, but this time I was in just for the miniatures in addition for Gladiator combat and scenic background for my romans. Anyhow, this week the items arrived, quite on schedule as shipping of the items was set for late January 2024.

Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome

IOSS worked, which was issue sometimes in the past, as larger orders weren't split and to be absolutely sure I stayed on a lower pledge with just the miniatures. The models themself are single cast metal miniatures and sculpted by the talented hands of Paul Hicks, just like the civilian mobs or even more civilian mobs, we covered in the past.


Mortal Gods – The other Hades Zealots

Having already shown the first three Zealots painted in the review of the Hades Zealots, the next three are now to follow. While the first group looks a little more civilized, the second group gives a rather tough impression, as if it wasn't the first time that they had already taken up arms.

Mortal Gods - The other Hades Zealots Mortal Gods - The other Hades Zealots
Mortal Gods - The other Hades Zealots Mortal Gods - The other Hades Zealots

As previously mentioned, I had to replace the axe on the Zealot with a dagger, as the gluing point and the axe handle were simply too small to reattach the original. However, this does not harm the mini itself for the time being, as the look is not changed too much.


Mortal Gods – Zealots of Hades

If you are into Greek mythology and the typical heroic sagas of this era, you will hardly get past Footsore Miniatures' game Mortal Gods and its expansion Mythic. Accordingly, I started to build an army of Hades some time ago and now got the chance to take a look at the Zealots offered by Footsore Miniatures.

But...what is a Zealot anyway? Well, the best way to describe this term is as a kind of religious fanatic, which adds a mysterious touch to Hades' army. For the ruler of the underworld understandably had rather fewer fans in ancient Greece, and the few known places of worship were in Ionia (Asia Minor) and southern Italy, which was settled by Greeks as early as about 800 BC and became known as the area of Megale Hellas from about 340 BC.

Mortal Gods - Zealots of Hades Mortal Gods - Zealots of Hades


More civilian mobs from Gangs of Rome

In September I added a few Roman civilians from Footsore's Gangs of Rome to my collection, as a roman village or small settlement just wouldn't be complete without them. I already bought a few of these, but was missing one of the mobs - mob primus - a lamentable state of affairs that had to be remedied.

Gangs of Rome - Civilian Mobs

Along with that, I got the angry and rioting mob and two individuals, the domini secundus and tertius. All of these come with a MDF base, the mobs with a group base, that covers a underlining of thin cardboard.


I’ve ordered at Warb … Dark Peak … forget it, I bought Footsore Miniatures

After a name and brand bickering, that I first thought was an April fools joke, Footsore Miniatures - who took over Musketeer Miniatures back in the day, came back to their name. With Gangs of Rome, they went with the name of Warbanner and recently Games Workshop got in touch with them, as Warbanner would be to similar to Warhammer, and therefore not be used in wargaming to promote miniatures. As that would be a fight nobody could win in the business, they complied and renamed themself to Dark Peak Games, just to receive another letter by Peak games, that that name was off limit. So they went back to Footsore.

As I said, I thought that this was an April fools joke, if you'd wrote this as a story line, readers would tell you that its absolutely ridicolous.

Footsore adds a special miniature to their orders, if you place an order of 20 GBP or more. That model changes every month or two and I put up an order last month.

Footsore Miniatures - Parcel Footsore Miniatures - Parcel Footsore Miniatures - Parcel


Gangs of Rome Civilian Mobs Secundus and Tertius

With the Blood on the Aventine starter just introduced on here, and my ancient SAGA with roman participants, I laid my eyes upon the extended range of Gangs of Rome. These cover beside the fighters several sets of civilians.

I wanted to buy all three of the Mobs, unfortunately the mob primus wasn't in stock that time, so I got "only" mob Secundus and Tertius. But I'll pick that one up on Crisis or so.

Gangs of Rome - Civilian Mobs

The blisters are 8 GBP each and cover 5 civilian miniatures, sculpted by Paul Hicks, along with five 25mm round base and one 80mm mob movement base. For some reason my Mob Tertius was missing its mob base.


Gangs of Rome Blood on the Aventine Boxed Set

Earlier this year, Warbanner released a boxed starter set for their ancient skirmish game Gangs of Rome called Blood on the Aventine.

Gangs of Rome - Blood on the Aventine Gangs of Rome - Blood on the Aventine