More civilian mobs from Gangs of Rome

In September I added a few Roman civilians from Footsore's Gangs of Rome to my collection, as a roman village or small settlement just wouldn't be complete without them. I already bought a few of these, but was missing one of the mobs - mob primus - a lamentable state of affairs that had to be remedied.

Gangs of Rome - Civilian Mobs

Along with that, I got the angry and rioting mob and two individuals, the domini secundus and tertius. All of these come with a MDF base, the mobs with a group base, that covers a underlining of thin cardboard.

Gangs of Rome - Civilian Mobs

All of these lovely miniatures were sculpted by Paul Hicks, and the deals for the mobs are very well, as you pay only 8 GBP for 5 miniatures and in case of the angry mob deal just 20 GBP for 15 miniatures.

Gangs of Rome - Civilian Mobs

Gangs of Rome - Civilian Mobs Gangs of Rome - Civilian Mobs Gangs of Rome - Civilian Mobs

A brief comparison with other roman "citizen", on the left Julius Caesar from the Wargames Illustrated range, Tavalus from the Blood on the Aventine starter kit, and #4 + #5 from Warlord Games.

Gangs of Rome - Civilian Mobs

As the miniatures scale well with the Perry range as well, some of these might be used for pilgrims of the crusades.

These sets are meant to be used as interacting NPCS with Gangs of Rome, but at the price these are sold, they can be used for SPQR, ancient SAGA or similar settings, especially the rioting mobs. I really like the Paul Hicks sculpts and as such, there wasn't that much for me to think about, especially with the bundle deal. If you have a gladiator game going on, you could probably put a few of these on the rows of your arena.

I could probably paint them with base colours and a bit of wash, but I assume contrast paints could be a good choice here as well.

Gangs of Rome is a brand by Footsore.

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