FeenCon 2024

Last weekend Dino and I went to the FeenCon, a convention hosted in Bonn, which went through a couple of changes over the last few years - one of them moving from the old location of Bonn Bad Godesberg towards Bonn Beuel, from the town hall to the comprehensive school.

And across the venue, the tabletop area was the smaller gymnasium, with the trade stands and board games and pen & paper in the other areas.

FeenCon 2024

The tabletop area was hosted by three clubs, Bedburger Tabletop Freunde, Privateer Poza Boyz and the Tabletop Community Bonn. You might know the Bedburger Tabletop Freunde from our visit to their club house.


June 2023 review

June was pretty heavy on the Leviathan release for Warhammer 40,000. And as I mentioned in the through the ages article, it kinda hit me with nostalgia. So, even when I'm not playing 10th edition of 40k, I had fun unboxing and covering the miniatures, and the overall experience - beside the scarcity (which seems to turn out not being that big of a problem) - was quite positive.

And to give you an idea, what it means when we cover such a huge release, more than 400 pictures were taken for the entire coverage. But I am looking forward to the next "epic" release in the Grim Dark future.

Warhammer 40,000 - Leviathan Warhammer 40,000 - Through the Ages Warhammer 40,000 - Leviathan


FeenCon 2016

The Guild of Fantay-Role players hostes annually the FeenCon in the civic center of Bad-Godesberg near Bonn. Especially among role players the event enjoys a good reputation, so the crowded parking lot is no wonder.

FeenCon 2016 FeenCon 2016


FeenCon 2012

The Guild of Fantasy Roleplayers, GFR, organises the annual FeenCon in Bonn Bad Godesberg. As a Koblenz resident, it's not far away and we like to drop by.

GfR e.V. - FeenCon 2012 GfR e.V. - FeenCon 2012 GfR e.V. - FeenCon 2012


FeenCon 2010

Last weekend, the Guild of Fantasy Roleplayers once again hosted FeenCon in Bonn-Bad Godesberg.

FeenCon 2010

As is usual for a convention, role-players, board gamers, fantasy and sci-fi fans and, of course, a few table-top gamers come together under one roof. So it's not unusual to meet "old acquaintances" at FeenCon.