June 2023 review

June was pretty heavy on the Leviathan release for Warhammer 40,000. And as I mentioned in the through the ages article, it kinda hit me with nostalgia. So, even when I'm not playing 10th edition of 40k, I had fun unboxing and covering the miniatures, and the overall experience - beside the scarcity (which seems to turn out not being that big of a problem) - was quite positive.

And to give you an idea, what it means when we cover such a huge release, more than 400 pictures were taken for the entire coverage. But I am looking forward to the next "epic" release in the Grim Dark future.

Warhammer 40,000 - Leviathan Warhammer 40,000 - Through the Ages Warhammer 40,000 - Leviathan

I managed to squeeze in a visit to FeenCon 2023, who returned to Bonn after a bit of uncertainty in the past few years (Corona and merging of Clubs), and it has been a while since the last time I've visited the show. The last report was from 2016.

FeenCon is mostly a role play convention, with some related content on the sides, and so I was quite happy to see the Bedburger Tabletop Freunde right at the entrance with a booth and some demo tables. Keep up the good work. They are currently moving their location, Dino visited them last year.

FeenCon 2023 - Bonn FeenCon 2023 - Bonn FeenCon 2023 - Bonn

Freebooter Miniatures held a small tournament at the show, GeBoom of Shifting Lands was there with a booth as well, and beyond that many traders, mostly selling role play equipment (books, dice etc.).

FeenCon 2023 - Bonn FeenCon 2023 - Bonn FeenCon 2023 - Bonn

And at one of these booths, I got my hands on this one - for just 25 EURs. Quite the deal. Inquis Exterminatus is an artbook, compiled by John Blanche and covers illustrations from the early beginning in the Rogue Trader times up to the early 00s. These are the things, that I really enjoy in my wargaming library.

Warhammer 40,000 - Inquis Exterminatus

In June the Warhammer stamps by the Royal Mail were released. This might come across as a bit more nerdy than usual, but as the son of a philatelist / stamp dealer, I was around stamps since my early child hood and so I kinda had to have them. Even with the first day cover and I went for the Lenton post office stamp. I'll have these properly framed for my den.

Royal Mail - Warhammer Commemorative Stamps Royal Mail - Warhammer Commemorative Stamps

The 3d printer is running, producing a few bits and scatter terrain, as I managed to finish the first lot of my warmaster project. I got myself a medium sized container, as I do a pre-dip before putting the plate in the Wash + Cure station, and this helps keeping the wash container fresh for a longer time. And with the sun being so brightly, I could easily filter the pre-dip container. But more on that in the process coverage of the warmaster project.

3d Printing - Resin Dipper

This afternoon we will see the Non-40k Preview on Warhammer Community and their twitch channel and if my schedule allows it, I'll tune in.

Warhammer Community - Non-40k Preview

My guesses are:

What are your guesses?

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