Bolt Action M18 Hellcat

This kit has been released for a while, but somehow the plastic kit of the M18 Hellcat hid right under our radar, as I already have the resin kit by Warlord Games in my collection. Beyond that we covered the M10 Wolverine and M36 Jackson Tank Destroyer on here in the past. But today is about the Warlord Games / Italeri plastic kit.

Bolt Action - M18 Hellcat Bolt Action - M18 Hellcat

Just like the M10 Wolverine, the M18  Hellcat is a 1:56 / 28mm scale kit manufactured by Italeri, and thus is rather a model kit than a gaming piece.


March 2024 review

While longer than february, the month of march felt shorter. So what happened?

This month two deliveries of Stormbringer arrived, with most recently the 3rd shipment of magazine 8 to 13, we already covered on here.

Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Magazine 08 to 13 Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Magazine 08 to 13 Age of Sigmar Stormbringer Magazine 08 to 13


Gangs of Rome – Kickstarter Delivery

Last year in March 2023 we backed the Gangs of Rome 2 campaign by Footsore Miniatures. The goal was to fund the new rulebook (200 pages, full A4) and a plastic kit for Citizens of Rome, which would be a colaboration with Wargames Atlantic. If you don't know what Gangs of Rome is, it is skirmish set in the Roman Empire, between rivaling gangs, who can rally support from the other citizens of Rome, which is the reason why you don't only have models for the gangs themself but for the various types of citizens as well.

We did a review on the old Gangs of Rome starter set, Blood on the Aventine, which was round package, but this time I was in just for the miniatures in addition for Gladiator combat and scenic background for my romans. Anyhow, this week the items arrived, quite on schedule as shipping of the items was set for late January 2024.

Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome Footsore Miniatures - Gangs of Rome

IOSS worked, which was issue sometimes in the past, as larger orders weren't split and to be absolutely sure I stayed on a lower pledge with just the miniatures. The models themself are single cast metal miniatures and sculpted by the talented hands of Paul Hicks, just like the civilian mobs or even more civilian mobs, we covered in the past.


Mortal Gods – The other Hades Zealots

Having already shown the first three Zealots painted in the review of the Hades Zealots, the next three are now to follow. While the first group looks a little more civilized, the second group gives a rather tough impression, as if it wasn't the first time that they had already taken up arms.

Mortal Gods - The other Hades Zealots Mortal Gods - The other Hades Zealots
Mortal Gods - The other Hades Zealots Mortal Gods - The other Hades Zealots

As previously mentioned, I had to replace the axe on the Zealot with a dagger, as the gluing point and the axe handle were simply too small to reattach the original. However, this does not harm the mini itself for the time being, as the look is not changed too much.


SzenarioCon 2024

My first visit to SzenarioCon in Hackenheim was just a year ago and yet the event has managed to become one of my favorites in a very short time. The reason for this is obvious, the range of gaming tables is very extensive and the gaming clubs really go out of their way to offer something special. Together with Jens, the head honcho of Chefoberboss, I visited Szenario again this year and would like to share my experience a few of the tables that were on display at the con. For a general look and a few more nice impressions, you can also take a look at Jens' YouTube video or directly go to the Szenario Facebook page.

We were there quite early and so I managed to take a snapshot in good time, when the hall wasn't filled to the brim. The number of registered guests and latecomers was between 250 and 300 people.

SzenarioCon 2024 Hackenheim

You can already see here that the many panels only allow a little more space for further exhibits. However, as the con has grown very steadily and, above all, successfully, an additional hall will be opened for exhibits next year.


Mortal Gods – Plataians for demo games

After showing the Thebans for my upcoming demo table for Mortal Gods in my last article, today I can present the counterpart from Plataiai (pronounced Plataiah), the long-term vassal of Athens. As I had planned, I followed the setup of the Thebans one-to-one in order to be able to offer a balanced game experience for the demo games.

Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians
Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians Mortal Gods demo project – Plataians

Visually, I wanted to create a clear distinction to the Thebans and yet show the connection to Athens. So I chose a grey-blue color as the base for the tunics (Sombre Grey from Vallejo Game Colors) and a more pronounced shade of blue as a spot color (Regal Blue from Army Painter).


Bolt Action French Army Infantry

Regarding infantry kits, the latest addition to the vast range for Bolt Action are the French Army Infantry boxed set, with a lot of options for different units. Let us take a closer look!

Bolt Action French Army Infantry Bolt Action French Army Infantry

While this boxed set is meant to be used for the early years of war, you can assemble them for a lot of different lists, with the regular French Army infantry, fortress troops, chasseurs à pied, engineers or colonial troops (Algerian, Moroccan or Tunisian). While sharing the same uniform, the differentiation is made by the use of helmet / head gear, of which this box covers quite a lot.


Bolt Action Sd.Kfz 251/10 Ausf. D (37mm Pak) Half Track

And while we're at it, covering various Bolt Action vehicles and their alterations, let us take a look at the Sd.Kfz. 251/10 Ausf. D with the 37mm PaK.

Bolt Action - SdKfz 251/10 Ausf. D PaK 36

Just like the Sd.Kfz 250s we have covered over the time on here, the Sd.Kfz. 251/10 uses the base sprue of the Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Ausf. D and with the addition of a compact sprue with a 37mm PaK, is modified into the 251/10 mittlerer Kanonenpanzerwagen mit 3,7-cm-PaK 36 Ausf. D.


Happy New Year and December 2023 review

2023 is coming to its end, so enjoy today's New Year's Eve and have a Happy New Year!

Chaosbunker - Happy New Year 2020

We take the chance to do our review on December, and extended to the whole year.


Bolt Action Panzer IV Ausf. B/C/D

It has been a while since the last world war tank reviews, especially in plastic, and today we cover the Panzer IV Ausf. B/C/D by Warlord Games in 28mm / 1:56 scale. This one is released about 8 years after the Panzer IV Ausf. F1/G/H plastic kit.

Bolt Action PzKpfw IV Ausf. B/C/D Bolt Action PzKpfw IV Ausf. B/C/D

This kit marks the middle between the Panzer III and later variants of the Panzer IV. To be honest, I am a bit surprised, that we actually saw this one, especially with the inclusion of the Ausf. B and C, as they saw minor alterations to the hull, but were not produced in larger numbers and don't have any different rules than the Ausf. D, and even of that one only about 250 units were produced between 1939 and 1941. To put this into perspective, the Panzer IV was built 8,500 times in total, which is still far less than the 34,000 units of T34/76 or 50,000 units of M4 Shermans built in the same period.