May 2024 review

May is over and while you might not have seen much activity on the blog, there was a lot going on. The first half was dominated by finishing the Road to CONflict, to be able to host a demo table of post apocalyptic tank war at CONflict 2024. And while you can see further coverage among others on Team Würfelkrieg, I'll give you a series on how I prepared the tanks and scatter terrain for our tank battle table.

Internal CONflict Rheinland 2024 Internal CONflict Rheinland 2024 Internal CONflict Rheinland 2024

Well, that explains why the first half of May wasn't that active on the blog, but why was the second half? Only two days after CONflict I went for a two weeks holiday towards Scotland, primarely for the Highlands and the wifi in our AirBnb wasn't that great, that I could finish the drafts I prepared. Because the pictures are edited and the articles are "just" missing the proper texts.

Scotland 2024 Scotland 2024 Scotland 2024

And while I was in Scotland, I took the chance to drop by some wargaming points-of-interest. Unfortunately Edinburgh doesn't offer that much, I was at the Edinburgh Warhammer store, and was surprised by its size, compared to most German locations it was quite spacious, and had interesting items on display as well as a bit broader sortiment.

Warhammer Store Edinburgh Warhammer Store Edinburgh Warhammer Store Edinburgh

At the Warhammer Store I picked up the Classic Codex Covers Desk Mat, as the availability in EU was tricky and the exchange rate as well as shipping was not the best so far (but it seems they picked up on customer feedback and brought the exchange rate down to 1 to 1,20 and added free shipping). And a bit by chance I saw Black Lion Games, while I was looking on the map and dropped by - and they had a huge assortment of Reaper miniatures, including some items on stock, that I was looking for for quite some time, so I picked those up as well.

Warhammer 40,000 - Retro Cover DeskMat Reaper Bones Loot

While editing the lots and lots of pictures, I came across a bottle neck on my work station at home, the 16 GB came to their limit over and over again in Photoshop, so I decided to grant myself an upgrade. This is one of the moments, where I would like to send my younger self a brief message "Hey buddy, that's 64 GB of RAM...". Happy noises, next up a CPU upgrade.

DDR4 64GB Ram

Among the items that I ordered was Battles - Map by Map and for sustainability reasons, I look for used books as well, and this one was advertised as "Near mint condition" by the seller and honestly, that's more than just a stretch. Water damage and damaged corners is a big no-no. Avoid buying from Buchpark on Amazon, as it seems to happend more often.

Battles Map by Map Battles Map by Map Battles Map by Map

This month marks the 500th issue of White Dwarf and that was something, that I had to look into. The issue covers a nice throwback, along with an overview on the miniatures and even shows the issue, that was my first one in the mid 90s in Germany. I'll cover the White Dwarf himself in an review of its own.

Games Workshop - White Dwarf Issue 500

Games Workshop - White Dwarf Issue 500 Games Workshop - White Dwarf Issue 500 Games Workshop - White Dwarf Issue 500 Games Workshop - White Dwarf Issue 500

Regarding reviews, Games Workshop sent me the latest Kill Team Box Termination, where Genestealer Cult fights against Leagues of Votann. This will be done as an unboxing, similar to what I did on Kill Team Salvation.

As Wolpertinger inspired me to give Turnip a closer look and I had some random sprues, I picked up two boxes of Perry Napoleonics at Radaddel, and along the White Dwarf items above.

Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team Termination Turnip28 Stock

Osprey sent me the latest Silver Bayonet books, which I will cover after the Stargrave reviews, and I am quite happy with the Napoleonics by Paul Hicks, so I added some more dynamic and less regular poses to my collection. Shipping from Brigade Games from the States isn't cheap, as you have to add the taxes and import fees on top, but I pulled the trigger on them and they arrived during my holiday. Really looking forward to these, as they will be added to my Sharpe miniatures.

Brigade Games - Napoleonics sculpted by Paul Hicks Brigade Games - Napoleonics sculpted by Paul Hicks

What does this mean as a tldnr for June

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