Weekend Update … not with Seth Meyers

So here is the Weekend Update ... without Seth Meyers (you have to wait for Saturday Night for that one ... 😉 ). I did some painting. As you'll probably won't believe me and guess that i just have been basing some stuff, here are some pictures.

The German Marines are pretty close. I have to finish their faces, weapons and some details on the gear. But i like the camo and battle suit so far.

Lead Adventure - German Marines

As well as the grey-greenish look of the hazmat. Here as well, weapons and details still to go. Probably will catch on those this weekend.

Hasslefree Miniatures - Hazmat Squad

On a side note, it finally arrived - The Pegasus Bridge! Thanks to Matthias for keeping me busy. In addition some of the new Bolt Action / Army Painter Sprays, the Dreadball Big Mech and the Afrika Korps from the Perrys.

Radaddel - New Stuff

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