Grim Dark Flyers

As mentioned before, i assembled some kits during the cleaning and tidying up. First we have the Space Marine Stormtalon. It is an interesting kit, but the design has some certain flaws. It is supposed to be something nimble, but it is to bulky, so i modified some parts.


It is primary the gunship part, the weapons on the sides and the lower body weapon mount. I shortend the whole thing and put the weapons closer and inside the body. Beside that i got rid of the lower back fin. This flyer won't be used in a space marine army, it will be part of the I-Munda collection as a swift gunship.

Stormtalon Stormtalon

The second kit is the Dark Eldar Razorwing. I really like the kit, it's sharp and clean. A reasonable prized and quite large kit. I didn't modify this one at all, beside a bit of assymetric weaponry. I have a small Dark Eldar Warband, as i really really liked the plastic reboot. And this, well, i bought it on one of my trips in the UK at a really good price, because i love the design. What can i say, great build, only assembling the upper and lower part together was a bit of a struggle.

Razorwing Razorwing

Both kits currently cost 36 Euro, which is okay for the Stormtalon (as you still have to put some work into it, to make it look good) and quite reasonable with the Razorwing. It is still sad, that both have rather basic options, more or less the choice between weapon a or b, but nothing major.

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